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Violence breeds violence: Violence is the language that Grace Mugabe knows best!

by Nomazulu Thata - ANSA Party Spokesperson
17 Aug 2017 at 14:14hrs | Views
This is violence on a woman by another woman in August, the month in which South Africans of all races uphold significantly high. "Many women continue to be on the margins of society and are vulnerable to social risks such as violence, abuse, rape unemployment and poverty:" says the South African Department of Economic Development. Does it mean that Gabriella Engels, since she is white, she does not deserve equal justice? She is a woman: a girl-child indeed, and South African, she deserves full justice like all other citizens of the democratically elected government of South Africa.

Does the government of South African condone violence? Here is a prima facia case of a woman called First Lady Grace Mugabe: her violent attributes: she cruelly assaults Gabriella Engels instead of disciplining her unruly sons. South African government does appear to co-operate in this criminal case: their co-operation must inform us all that there is still justice system in SA Police in place.

It is shameful, disgraceful but we know it all, we have seen it all with this violent party called Zanu PF. Violence manifested itself during the liberation days. Violent attributes traced back pre independence times, have never been addressed since we got our independence in 1980 because Zanu PF itself is wholly a violent party. Violence in our societies and the lawlessness of the government go together hand in glove. You cannot expect the nation to be non-violent if the government of the day is violent. This country called Zimbabwe has never tasted peace for generations. It is for this reason that in any misunderstanding how small and how serious: violence is meted instantly, sometimes resulting in unnecessary deaths. Surprisingly most people will not interfere to assist victims of violence: this has come to be known as the p*rnography of violence. The body-guards of Grace Mugabe, 10 of them looked on while the girl was assaulted by Grace. Is that the culture to be proud of?

This culture of violence can be traced back from the liberation times. The liberation war was violent even the exile Zanu PF inside the movement, so many people perished in the hands of the liberators: sadly this internalized violent Zanu PF culture came with the very liberators who went to crush the people of Mathebeleland and Midlands unarmed and those who perpetrated that genocide acts are the rulers of the land. The video by Jonathan Moyo informs us even clearer the type of criminal leadership we have till to date. Grace Mugabe cannot be different from her party and government when it comes to violence. Mugabe the hubby to Grace has degrees in violence; he once warned us right back in 2008 violent elections.

Absolute violence with impunity that takes place in institutions such as police and army towards its citizens is taken in, is a textbook example of conflict solving, carried on to the citizens to mete violence at every conflict big or small in their private lives. Dr. Grace Mugabe did what she knows best: violence with impunity. Grace is violent verbal and physical. Her actions are violent, criminal and heartless. If she can evict villagers to make way for a family farm and she leaves them homeless, families with children and old-aged people; what will stop Grace from assaulting a white helpless girl of 20 years of age, Zanu PF must be praising her high for bashing a white girl! Violence is the sweet language known to them; they pride and can gloat at any violence. When Itai Dzamara went missing, did they not gloat openly and loudly: carefree? That is the culture in Zanu: violence: no rule of law, no respect for citizens of other countries. Grace thinks the entire universe revolves around her and her children.

At one time President Zuma got it right: after the violent xenophobic incidences some of which were lethal: he said we have to trace back where this violence comes from. Violence was not full y addressed after independence in these southern African countries. The politicians did not go back to the nation and tell them that the struggle for independence meant that we take up arms and fight colonialism. That violence was noble in a way. It was used to free the nations of Africa. Now that we are independent, we must refrain from violence. We give normalcy to societies torn by racist and apartheid regimes and its violent attributes towards another races and ethnic groups.

 When Emmanuel Sithole was stabbed to death by Tsotsis it is called criminal, but what do you call the actions of a woman called Grace Mugabe: First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe, who goes to South Africa and assaults an innocent girl savagely with an extension code? Is that not criminal: Dr. Grace has Tsotsi mentality, is a tsotsi ? Seeing those head wounds, the girl could easily have passed out. If Grace was smart she should have known that South Africa is a democratically elected government that declared the month of August a Women's Day. South Africa Police should never fail the most vulnerable niche: young woman of South Africa from a minority group. The world looks on how they are going to solve the criminal case. If justice is evaded by the SA police, we do not know, it can spark serious unrest in SA.

Beating Gabriella Engels that cruel is actually a small fry for Zanu PF and they wonder why this little girl, Gabriella Engels is making so much noise by getting those "small scratches in the head and face" from the First Lady of Zimbabwe because here in Zimbabwe people have disappeared, been killed: where is our Itai Dzamara to this date? What fate did he encounter before his death?

We look forward to a better Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe with a new dispensation altogether. We look forward to a state whose citizens' rights are respected. We look forward to the day when Zimbabwe will get its dignity back and be respected by other global nations in the global village. Indeed the Trump Era at the White house makes our work extremely challenging. Grace, just like Trump she did not see the need to be politically correct in dealing with issues outside her Zimbabwe.

Nomazulu Thata

ANSA Party Spokesperson

Source - Nomazulu Thata - ANSA Party Spokesperson