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Ibutho Lenqama welcomes the crown Prince Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo

by Junior Ngwenya (Ibutho leNqama Spokeperson)
22 Aug 2017 at 16:46hrs | Views
JOHANNESBURG - IButho leNqama regiment would like to applaud the combined efforts of the Khumalo family, the Mthwakazi Chiefs and stakeholders in the process of identifying and naming the rightful heir to the Ndebele throne.

 So much has happened since the process of identifying the rightful heir started. Means to revive the Mthwakazi Kingship started as way back as after the destruction of the Ndebele Kingdom by the British South Africa Company (BSAC) in December 1893.After the abduction of the Princes who were eligible to inherit the throne, the nation advocated for their return from Cape Town, South Africa. The Mthwakazi nation also revolted against the BSAC in 1896, leading to the suppression of all the efforts to install the Ndebele King. The BSAC, which administrated the Mthwakazi people on behalf of the British Crown, further down clamped the revival efforts by passing the Southern Rhodesia Order-In-Council of 1898, which was a reinforcement of the Rudd Concession, the Royal Charter and the Matabeleland Order-In-Council of 1894.  

Some members of the Khumalo royal family, under the leadership of Prince Nyamande the son King Lobhengula, filed a land case and petitions to restore the Mthwakazi throne, but all was in vain.

The move to restore the Ndebele throne under culture was mainly influenced by the Matebele Home Society, which was very functional from the late 1920s to the late 1950s. It was during the heydays of the Matebele Home Society when the Ndebele Princes, Albert and Rhodes, returned to Matabeleland, where they formed the football club currently known as Highlanders F.C in 1926. It was during that time that the Mthwakazi Chiefs attempted to coronate one of the Princes, leading to their deportation back to South Africa by the Southern Rhodesian government.   

However, from the early 1960s till Independence in 1980, the attempts to revive the throne was overshadowed by the African Liberation Struggle, only to resurface on the 6th of November 1997 when 4 Mthwakazi Chiefs namely; Chief Nyangazonke Ndiweni, Chief Siphoso Dlodlo, Chief Ngungumbane Mkhwananzi and Chief Solomon Sivalo Mahlangu asked the Khumalo family to identify the rightful heir to the Mthwakazi throne. This was followed by numerous consultations and researches by the Khumalo family in search of the rightful heir.

The calls to identify the heir were also echoed during the King Mzilikazi Commemoration Day in 2014, leading to the final process of the identification of the rightful heir on the 19th of August 2017, when the Khumalo family in conjunction with the Chiefs and stakeholders announced that Prince Bulelani the son of Prince Mncedisi Humphrey the son of Prince Patrick Fana who was the son of the legendary Prince Rhodes Lobhengula the son of Prince Njube Alban the son of King Lobhengula is the rightful heir to the throne.

This ends the entire hullabaloo surrounding the identification of the heir who will be coronate as the King of the mighty Mthwakazi nation. This is a mission accomplished and history made in our lifetime. People are cautioned about some elements within our community who will oppose and badmouth the Prince, some will even try to politicise this cultural oriented project. IButho leNqama stands firm, unshaken and in full support to the identified Prince. We also stand in full defence in ensuring that this initiative always remains cultural. We also urge the whole world at large to fully back the Crown Prince. To the Ndebele nation: Here comes your genuine King of the Matebele nation, come together you sons and daughters of the mighty nation and serve your King. He is the one; he is here to revive the Ndebele pride, dignity, strength and development.

To those who had been misinformed and had blindly followed some people claiming to be Kings, we say please brothers and sisters come home; no one will be judged or tried for previously supporting a wrong candidate masquerading as the heir. We need you, we are incomplete without you and the King will welcome everybody regardless of race, political affiliation, creed or any other form of grouping.  
This marks the end of the false reigns of self-appointed Kings. Their sweet tongues, stories, myths, tales and false promises will no longer fool people as authenticity is taking its course. Together we stand by the truth. By the power of God and the blessings of our ancestors; the mighty Matebele Kingship has been revived.  We salute the King, BAYETHE!!! Phuma Langa sikothe!!!

Junior Ngwenya (Ibutho leNqama Spokeperson)

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Source - Junior Ngwenya (Ibutho leNqama Spokeperson)