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Mandela bashing an insult to the intellect of all decent Africans

by Moses Mzila Ndlovu
03 Sep 2017 at 08:45hrs | Views
Many right thinking people are shocked by Robert Mugabe's dragging of Mandela's name through the sewer in a fit of extremely provocative infantile remarks while addressing a Zanu rally in Gweru on September 1, 2017. Lately Robert Mugabe has had a serious problem of hiding his unsolicited disdain for the late icon of the oppressed peoples' struggles not only in Southern Africa but in the rest of the world. We wonder what exactly is to be benefited from disparaging the dignity of a man of the stature of Nelson Mandela save for the unbriddled scrounge for a place within the ranks of African political giants. Mandela bequethed to the South African people a nation. Yes there are groups and  individuals who do not subscribe to his philisophy. Consensus is never absolute and this is to be found in all societies but what is worthy noting here is how South African institutions of governance deal with dissenting voices. Mugabe has never tolerated dissent. Only dictatorships dont. He is known for crude strong arm tactics including resorting to committing crimes against humanity at the slightest of an imagined provocation.  For thirty seven years Mugabe has failed dismally to build a Zimbabwean nation. There are Zimbabweans who will not vote in next year's elections because their Identity Documents are stamped ' A'  for allien. The circus is on. What he has succeeded in doing has been to preside over the merciless slaughter of more than thirty thousand innocent and unarmed civilians in Matabeleland. Up to this day the victims, both the living and the dead have no recource to the law. He remains belligerent and unremorseful. How can we talk of a nation when half the country's population is grieving endlessly over the loss of their relatives to state sponsored violence. Mandela laid the foundation for a thriving democratic system with robust and functional democratic institutions supporting the new dispensation. Talk of Nkandla, talk of Marikana , talk of Gabriella the institutions are there to see that justice is served.

Possessed by an unappeasable, indignant, vicious and violently greedy demon of destruction Mugabe vandalised without shame what was the best economy in Southern Africa in 1980,  creating a man-made catastrophy without measure. Bringing that economy to its knees took state sponsored corruption, looting, nepotism, tribalism, political repression, intolerance or in short doing all the things Mandela condemned. While Mugabe was obsessed with tribal political bigotry, Mandela coined "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin......" a declaration that gave hope and inspiration to many appreciative South Africans and those of us next door struggling to free ourselves from a black on black madness this country is so richly endowed with.

Turning to Mandela's name for a punching bag is an unforgivable gasp of last resort to divert local, regional and international anxious attention to the unfolding political drama in Mugabe's backyard. This is a badly calculated choice which will not salvage him and his splintering party from inevitable demise. The seed of destruction sown in Zanu by Zanu in 1963 has germinated and its growth is determined and programed by its genetic composition. Soiling Mandela's name in order to glue together the factional and fractious pieces of ZANU together is counter productive and the volcano is sure  to spew more stinking sewage. Mandela is highly regarded globally not without reason. To accuse him of collaborating with the apartheid  regime to deprive black people of land and power is the worst insult to the dignity and political credentials of those who worked with him to end apertheid. It is vulgar and demeaning to his person and all those who value Mandela's sacrifice to free South Africa. It is becoming routine for the Mugabe family to claim that they are the regional leaders at all levels. If you can invite Brazilian women to come to Zimbabwe to dance and walk nak*d in the streets of Harare what conservatism can you still claim to uphold when you impose selective conditions on a woman from next door who only bares half her body. Is it because she smells Ndebele and naturally this makes your blood boil.

The circus is on. Let the cupboard doors open for us to see the skeletons we can't wait to see.

Moses Mzila Ndlovu

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu