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Tsvangirai stoking tribal hatred

by Moses Mzila Ndlovu
06 Sep 2017 at 17:42hrs | Views
In Mr Morgan Tsvangirai's view, anyone talking about ethnic issues is a dangerous element in Zimbabwean society. He expressed this view while addressing a rally at White City Stadium on September 2, 2017.  It is doubtful that this was directed at his MDC T dissident colleagues, as they are now dubbed, who boycotted the rally for reasons the public is quite familiar with. Those reasons however do not include anything near ethnic quarells in Zimbabwe or his party.  

Suggesting that people are dangerous when they raise legitimate issues of concern in a tribally polarised country such as Zimbabwe is recklessly selfish, insensitive and dumb. It reflects total failure to understand some of the most fundamental drivers of political passion in Matebeleland and The Midlands. The reasons are pure and simple. Besides, this is a serious threat to the victims of ZanuPF induced tribal inequalities and segregation systematically conducted against this region since 1980. This puts us in the same category as the Tutsi of Rwanda in 1994, The Rohingya of Burma in 2017, The Darfurians in 2003 to date. Our horrific stories of ZanuPf brutality are no less than those of the cited countries or regions. We wonder where Mr Tsvangirai lives and what exactly his political agenda is. The evidence at hand suggests that we should not wonder too far as it has become so clear that Morgan is just cut from the same cloth as Mugabe and the rest of them. Obviously Tsvangirai lacks the mental capacity to comprehend what accounts for sound tribal and racial relations as a basis for social harmony. That lack of capacity further explains why he is such an unstable and unpredictable personality, why he vacillates between ZanuPF factions , being easily pulled in different directions by anyone he ever discusses anything with. Tsvangirai is  an unthankful political beneficiary of the tribal discontent in Matebeleland. This is the region that has consistently resisted and rejected ZanuPf over the years, paying a huge price for their resilience in terms of mass loss of life, loss of land, loss of job opportunity, loss of dignity, loss of equality, loss of justice to outsiders, loss of freedoms to enjoy independence.

The long years of resisting colonialism and defying ZanuPF has engendered in our people a deep sense of fortitude through conditioning. We are aware of what vindictive elements like him do when they ever lay their hands on state power. State apparatus are the immediate institutions for use in such circumstances. Just like the Special Branch was used to commit crimes in the 80's after Ken Flower was given a blank cheque to continue by the then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe.Tsvangirai in his wildest dreams is counting on the same institutions to oppress dissent in exchange for loyalty, to carry out another round of gross human rights violations. One window into our fearlessness is dog names. I have a dog called Kenendafa.

There are many people in Mashonaland, outside Matebeleland,  who are extremely dangerous. Among these are those who since 1982 do not want to account for the more than 30 000 people of Matebeleland and The Midlands including the old and young/unborn  who perished at the hands of the 5th Brigade. In his tattered conscience this is not worth talking about because he is so excited about being accepted by the securocrats.

In his crew of the MDC Alliance leadership at White City was a known rapist who in 1984 raped a woman who had confronted Solomon Mujuru over the killings of the relatives of some of the people he was addressing on this day. She was handed over to his friend who sexually savaged her as punishment for being a human rights activist and to prove that ZanuPF used rape as a political tool without consequences to this day. Morgan Tsvangirai's true colours have always been on display for us all to see. The leopard will never lick off its pots.

Moses Mzila Ndlovu
ANSA Interim President

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu