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Lies and deception the bedrock of Mugabe's rule

by Moses Mzila Ndlovu
08 Sep 2017 at 14:51hrs | Views
Moses Mzila Ndlovu Interim President for ANSA
In African society old age confers wisdom upon an individual but where this fails the consequences are disastrous as in the case of the leadership of Robert Mugabe. Even if Zimbabwe and South Africa shared the same revolutionary objectives Mugabe cannot by any means make such extravagant claims to being the godfather/custodian of that ideology, its revolutionary ideals. Here is why.

Historically the party that Mugabe leads was never classified as a revolutionary party because it was not and still is not. In Sub-Saharan Africa, ZANU was in the same category as UNITA of Jonas Savimbi (Angola), FNLA of Holden Roberto (Angola) within the Liberation Movement and this group was regarded as renegades planted by the colonists to derail the struggle for independence and countering revolution. Some of their leaders now demanding Hero Status in Zimbabwe were CIA agents. Liberation movements belonging to the progressive revolutionary group included MPLA led by Augustinho Neto (Angola), ZAPU led by Joshua Nkomo (Zimbabwe), ANC led by Oliver Tambo (South Africa), Frelimo led by Eduardo Xivambo Mondlane and later Samora Moises Machel, SWAPO led by Sam Nujoma (Namibia) and PAIGC led by Amilcar Cabral (Guinea Bissau) collectively known as the Authentic Six Liberation Movements. Despite their nationalist origins, these were Marxist inclined by virtue of their coming into contact with Communist Europe under the Warsaw Pact. ZANU was never a Marxist party, they borrowed a Communist mask after independence, used it as cover to stage an ideological fraud for purposes of acceptance in the Authentic Group after Zapu became the only party from the revolutionary group that did not rule the country they were fighting to liberate but Zanu knows it very well that they were never recognized as progressive. Why the socialist experiment exploded onto their faces in the first decade of independence was because it lacked an honest ideological foundation though it is also possible this was in connivance with the Margaret Thatcher Conservative (British) and Ronald Reagan (American) Republican governments in order to mount a decoy that would give them an opportunity to destroy ZAPU and the people of Matebeleland.

There are numerous incidents which took place in exile and the war front confirming the reactionarism of Zanu. Killing comrades easily and their war tactics differed substantially from the revolutionary group in particular their relations with the civilian population based on terror. To this day Mugabe still talks of 'Striking terror in the hearts of the white men' in reference to unarmed civilians. It is a total fabrication to say ZANU is a revolutionary party. Revolutionary parties fight systems and not tribes and races like Zanu does. To mislead members of the public on a matter of such critical historical importance is gross chameleonic mischief aimed at concealing the true character of ZANU. People of Zimbabwe must pull down the curtain to see the monster behind but not standing behind treacherous caricatures some of whom are leading opposition.

To accuse the ANC of betraying the revolution as justification for the cross-border ground and air vitriolic verbal incursions into a friendly neighbor, which is unfairly bearing the brunt of a man-made Zimbabwean economic and socio-political disaster, is an uncalled for criminal conduct of gross interference in the affairs of another country worsened by Mugabe's casting aspersions on the legacy of Nelson Mandela. It is strange that a leader of a failed state like Zimbabwe has the audacity to see a speck in South Africa's eye. This is an unmasked incitement of violence and chaos and indeed a diplomatic offence, the same chaos that has brought us where we are. An infectious streak of madness is at the door step of South Africa. Truth is that under Mugabe, Zimbabwe is living a lie. While their friends, the North Koreans are keeping the whole world on tenterhooks through atomic bomb testing, Zanu is finding cause to stir up dust in water within the country in an otherwise peaceful region. The bottom line though, is both countries are a big threat to international security, they are a stubborn axis of evil. Zanu and the North Koreans jointly committed a crime against humanity in Matebeleland in the 80s. It is time the world acted in a non-selective manner to deal with disruptive and divisive dynasties founded on The Juche Idea exported to Zimbabwe and intricately bonded by cruelty, arrogance, lack of compassion, recklessness, vindictiveness, adventurism, conceit and bullish behaviour.

Moses Mzila Ndlovu
Interim President for ANSA
Alliance for National Salvation Zimbabwe

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu
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