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ZAPU on bio-metric voter registration and intimidation by ZANU PF

by Iphithule kaMaphosa
08 Sep 2017 at 18:33hrs | Views
Following the proclamation today by President Mugabe on the voter registration exercise that is set to commence on the 14th September 2017 ending on 15th January 2018, ZAPU calls on ZEC to explain to eligible voters the process fully.

 At the same ZEC should dispute the lies peddled by ZANU PF who are in the habit of intimidating voters that bio metric features and pictures that will be collected as information will be used to identify how people vote on Election Day.

If ZEC fails to dispute the above, it will mean they are in compliance with the intimidation tactics and this will impair their integrity and non partisanship, a recipe for a disputed poll at the end of the election process.

ZAPU is also concerned with the timing of the voter registration exercise considering that the Registrar General just unrolled his registration exercise, which issues out identity documents such as identity cards births and death certificates.

The concurrent and parallel running of the two exercises will breed a lot of confusion on prospective voters who may think collecting identity documents is equivalent to registering as a voter.

ZEC and Registrar General must explain fully the difference between the two programs and clearly separate the two. The two bodies must also clarify on the eligibility of metal identity cards to register as voters so as to clear the confusion currently obtaining around the matter.  

ZAPU ends by encouraging all eligible voters to go out in their all numbers and register to vote in the coming elections. We also encourage all to come out and vote on Election Day.

Iphithule kaMaphosa
ZAPU National Spokesperson

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Source - Iphithule kaMaphosa
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