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Grade 7 exams set by people with no educational qualification - MLF

by MLF Information Department
07 Oct 2017 at 09:36hrs | Views
It has come to our attention that when Lazarus Dokora called for further 'training' of teachers, that never happened he really did not mean it but he only wanted to present a chance to employ his tribesmen who would set the end of year exam test papers. His plan succeeded although his racehorse has 'betrayed' him.

It has been revealed that the people who set the exam papers for grade7s are people with no educational qualification at all. The report from our education secretary is that this year grade7 pupils sat for a paper not marred with just mistakes but with completely wrong answers and untrue information.

It is worrisome to note that in the paper there is a question that says Jesus spoke about the feared diseases. That is completely untrue. Nowhere in the bible can that be proven true. Jesus warned of incurable diseases and never about the feared diseases. That is deliberate misleading of children.


Question 9.
One should avoid the following.

A. entertainment
B. friendship
C. hard work
D. drug abuse.

There is no answer to this question. Anything here can be avoided. If a certain friendship is disruptive then it must be avoided. There are many other questions that demonstrate the thinking abilities and the capabilities of the people behind the setting of the paper, are questionable.

Question 34. Which of the following is a legume?

A. Cabbage
B. Carrot
C. Pear
D. Tomato

There is no answer for the above question. As far as I know, Legumes grow seeds in pods e.g bean and peas and among the given answers there is no such.

Question 35. A grazer feeds on.....

A. Tree leaves only
B. Grass and tree leaves
C. Meat only
D. Meat and tree leaves.

Again there is no answer for that. Grazers feed predominantly on grass. Browsers feed predominantly on leaves. However, the fact that the likes of zebras, cattle, and buffalos sometimes eat leaves won't make leaves the main part of their diet.

Question 36. What exists between a leaf and a stem?

A. a bud
B. an edge
C. a fruit
D. a shoot.

Technically there is nothing between leaf and stem. A leaf is attached directly to the stem. Unless if one studies the anatomy of the leaf and mentions the epidermal cells.

The closet is bud but one should note that on some trees buds grow above leaves. The position a bud will grow is the same a flower may grow and develop into a fruit. This question served nothing but to confuse our kids.

Question 37. Which boarder post is marked X?
A. Chimanimani
B. Nyamapanda
C. Beitbridge
D. Plumtre

The question had two spelling mistakes. Boarder instead of Border. Plumtre instead of Plumtree. This proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the exam setters were far below the required standard.

All these prove a failed state and we as MLF say it is time Zimbabwe continued with their failed policies in Zimbabwe while we try ours in Mthwakazi. There is absolutely no notable reason why Mthwakazi must continue in this forced marriage with Zimbabwe, under these hopeless policies. After all, it is Mthwakazi people who are going to bear the brunt of the poor and failed Zimbabwean policies.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!! Phansi leZimbabwe Phansi!!!

Source - MLF Information Department

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