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Gorden Moyo apologetic statement to Shona supremacists embarrassing

by Israel Dube
11 Oct 2017 at 11:36hrs | Views
Gorden Moyo grovelling at the feet of Shona supremacists is very embarrassing. Is this the same man who was once a red hot activist in Matabeleland pressure groups and political organizations like Imbovane Yamahlabezulu and ZAPU 2000 where he was secretary for information and publicity when Cde Paul Siwela was President?

"There has been news that PDP is promoting tribalism and that I say is lie.....If PDP is promoting tribalism, why is it that it is led by a woman Lucia Matibenga?", said Gordon in a meek statement, trying very hard to appease and impress the Shona supremacist system.

This after the Shona supremacists in MDC T and PDP came out in full force, angrily waving tribalists tags at the faces of Thokozani Khupe, Gorden Moyo and other Matebele leaders for questioning their masters, Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti, unilateral decision to form MDC Alliance.

Unexpectedly, Gordon Moyo was the first to release a bootlicking.He explained himself and quickly pointed out that Shona supremacism is still having room in his own PDP camp and assured them that the Presidency is in the safe hands of Lucia Mativenga, a woman from Mashonaland and that the leadership is drawn from the superior Mashonaland. Gorden Moyo should have told them that its them who are tribalist than to apologise.

Word of advice.

Your masters are a cruel lot. Kneeling before them to explain yourself or apologise means nothing to them. They tribalise and abuse Matebeles everyday and later turn up to accuse any Matebele who is seen to be challenging their status quo to be a tribalist. One may ask, what is tribalism ?

It is the the Shona supremacist who owe us an explanation, apology and reparations for Matabeleland genocide. An apology for raping Matebele women, an apology for marginalising Matebeles, an apology for causing low pass rates in Matabeleland, an apology for murdering our culture, identity and languages. An apology for stealing Matabeleland resources everyday to feed their bad habit of corruption which is in their DNA.

You will never find Jews apologising to the Nazis for killing them. You will never find Tutsis of Rwanda apologising to Hutus for murdering them and you will never find South Africans apologising to the apartheid perpetrators for discriminating against them. Why should Matebeles bow their heads before the killers of their innocent relatives and apologise for unknown crimes they never committed? No no no! Shona supremacists must go to the nearest tree and hang. Who cares ? Instead Gorden Moyo should have struck fear to the heart of shona supremacist and that should be the aim of every Matebele .Sikhathele !

The Shona supremacist system i.e. the ruling party and the opposition parties in Zimbabwe have been shocked by our move to restore our state. They have never even one day denied the existence of The Jameson Line border between Matabeleland and Mashonaland, the genocide, marginalisation, tribal segregation and Shona hegemony. So far President Mugabe said, "pane vamwe vanoti nyika yino itimburwe, timburwe hatiti" (there are some who say this country must be divided we don't want that). VP Mnangagwa said those who are advocating the restoration of Matabeleland statehood are demon possessed tribalists.

So Zimbabwe propaganda is going to be based on painting Matabeleland restoration agenda as a "tribal move" and they are going to project non existent unity and none existent and undefined devolution as the only solution. We say NO NO NO We need our Independence and Sovereignty.

Leaders and supporters of Matabeleland restoration agenda must be aware of this. The President of MLO, Cde Paul Siwela has already gone through this. He has been labelled as "chief tribalist," detained in Khami Maximum Security prison where he was condemned to solitary confinement his hands and feet in iron chains. His bank accounts in Zimbabwean banks frozen and the money in those accounts stolen and his company closed down.

As if that was not enough "state hit men" were baying for his blood and saved by a tip off and escaped to Sweden. He was denied to mourn and bury his mother with his other family members and find closure. This has remained a permanent scar on his life. His house has been raided by heavily armed police and secret service for a record six times. MLO is aware that state agents are looking for Cde Paul Siwela, not to invite him for lunch or dinner in a hotel, not for a friendly conversation but to kill him. MLO implores all Matebele nationals in their diversity to answer to the clarion call to stand up and restore Matebeleland Statehood.The time has arrived and the time is NOW.

Those who will stand against Matebeleland restoration movement shall be shamelessly and ruthlessly crushed and we offer no apology. Do not become a casualty or part of the statistics but become heroes and hereone for Matebeleland Independence and Sovereignity.. Support the birth of The Republic of Matebeleland by 2018.

Liyabesaba na ?

Kasinavalo !

Sikhathele !

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Source - Israel Dube, MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs