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Mugabes Airways a last supper kind of looting

by Jacob Mafume, PDP Spokesperson
27 Oct 2017 at 16:40hrs | Views
The People's Democratic Party has consistently exposed the first family for the evil they commit not only against Zimbabwean citizens but the prejudice suffered the nation including on the long term agenda.

Grace Mugabe has among other usurped land in Mazowe including a dam chasing away citizens like dogs including pregnant women and children.

The DEMA power project which involves the first family has prejudiced treasury of millions of dollars through duty free importation of fuel amounting to 312 million dollars as at August 2017.
On this same project the state ordered the Zimbabwe Energy Distribution and Transmission Company (ZETDC) to buy 200MW of power produced at the plant at a cost of US$166 million per year. The electricity is bought at inflated prices despite the fact that the project is exempted from paying various kinds of taxes.
This is why we stated that the first family is from hell, it seems they earned this title way before they pulled a bigger scandal.
Just in the past few weeks, the first family have been plotting a shock scandal bigger than Asiagate, Salarygate, and Willowgate scandals combined.

The creation of a Mugabe Airline meant to benefit the people directly linked to the central kingdom of Zvimba is corruption of the highest order , the PDP finds this unacceptable.

Mugabe intents to be the first President in the world to own an airline, such kind of unbridled ambition and greed is shocking.   

We see signs of a last supper kind of looting, actions that are directly influenced by the envisioning of an inevitable early sunset suffice to say the Mugabes have had infinite last suppers.

That the first family has become a centre of corruption and looting is a disgrace. They are a bunch of individuals who are led by a person whose core responsibilities includes upholding the rule of law and protecting the constitution.

We are concerned about the blatant violation of the constitution by the President who is supposed to superintend its protection as the supreme law of the land.

That the first family is determined is to risk people's lives through the purchase of condemned jets is criminal and must be treated with the contempt it deserves.

No one in their rightful mind will purchase Boeing planes from Malaysian Airlines considering the fact the airlines have been involved in disastrous accidents in recent times.   

The report published in yesterday's Financial Gazette indicates that President Mugabe went and negotiated the deal on behalf of the Zimbabwean government.

That a deal can be negotiated on behalf of the state and then turned into a family entity is criminal, Zimbabweans must be angry.

The source of funds being used to purchase the jets must be disclosed, if the Mugabes are buying the planes using their own money, then an investigation must be opened on their source of funds. They normally must not have acquired such kind of money.

The law of the land does not allow a President to use his official position for personal gain.

The Prevention of Corruption Act states that anyone who does anything using the advantage of their public office for personal gain will be contravening the law.

We demand that the Mugabes especially the President repudiate the claims made in the financial gazette otherwise as it stands we believe that silence is a sign of validation the reports.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible

Source - Jacob Mafume, PDP Spokesperson