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Mthwakazi has reached a defining moment

by Thulani Nkala
08 Nov 2017 at 09:47hrs | Views
Going by what we witnessed on Monday at the court hearing of Stanley Raphael Khumalo (SRK)otherwise better known as Mzilikazi 2, in Bulawayo, surely a point of no return has been reached in the life of Mthwakazi Restoration agenda.

When the clarion call was made by various stakeholders to Mthwakazi to attend the court hearing of SRK in great numbers Mthwakazi massively responded regardless of organisational affiliation.  The 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement also heeded the call and in turn requested it's members to attend in full force. Today we would like to extend our greatest gratitude to the members of the 1893 MRM for attending in their great numbers. Our gratitude as 1893 MRM is not limited to our members but is also extended to various stakeholders including organisations and individuals who came to show support for SRK and the cause for uMthwakazi.

In the past some people used to complain that there were too many different Mthwakazi organisations fighting for one cause, this was seen as a sign of disunity, a sign of disorganisation and a sign of weakness, however, little did they realise that this would turn to be the best advantage for the struggle. Mthwakazi organisations, leaders and individuals are maturing politically. They have shown that they can work together in a synergy to unleash their political muscle. Silly and small squabbles are a thing of the past now. The new swan song is the unity of purpose which transcends artificial barriers and differences.

As 1893 MRM we would like to make our position very clear regarding the monarchy, political parties and other organisations. Our position is simple if you are pro-Mthwakazi agenda we will support you and we will work with you. When it comes to the issue of kingship we are neutral, we support the restoration of Mthwakazi kingship and kingdom, however, when it comes to the current aspirants we do not side with anyone of them. We do not side with Zwide, we do not side with SRK or with Bulelani, however, we support all their efforts and attempts at recovering and restoring the sovereignty of Mthwakazi state. We reserve the right to work with all of them on a project by project basis and from our platform of neutrality we will promote unity amongst abantwana benkosi. Dialogue should begin, insults and petty squabbles between and amongst the supporters  of different camps should come to an end.

Anybody who has not seen that Mthwakazi mean serious business should start thinking twice, the rubicon has been crossed and the majority now agree that the Mthwakazi freedom train is unstoppable. The unity exhibited at SRK's court appearance was a sight to behold, Mthwakazi you have regained your voice, you have regained your political power, in fact the regime has always known that this time would come and indeed the time has come. As 1893 MRM we would like to thank Mthwakazi for the show of unity and force of strength in numbers. A call was made from different quarters and you answered the call, you came to court in full force. Thank you so much Mthwakazi. This is the right time to unite as a people, God is in control and is holding our hands at a historical juncture where the only certain thing is change and we will be ready, we shall never again be caught unawares. We can read the political situation and we can interpret it intelligently.
Lastly but not least, we would like to dearly thank SRK for his able leadership of reigniting Mthwakazi's desire for self independence. His leadership has internationalised the Mthwakazi cause.

Source - Thulani Nkala