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PDP fully rallies behind 'Mugabe Must Go Agenda'

by Staff Reporter
21 Nov 2017 at 15:27hrs | Views
PDP Management Committee meeting resolutions and summary of roadmap 

President Tendai Biti today the 21st of November 2017 chaired a meeting of the party's management committee which discussed political events emanating from military action against Robert Mugabe.

The Party welcomes the military intervention into misgovernance and authoritarian leadership by Robert Mugabe. The PDP fully rallies behind the war veterans and the people of Zimbabwe who marched in solidarity with the "Mugabe Must Go Agenda".

The Party hereby affirms its vision for a roadmap and restoration to legitimacy through an all stakeholder transitional government borne out of a negotiation by all stakeholders.

The PDP notes with regret utterances by Patrick Chinamasa and other likeminded individuals who view the support of the solidarity march against Robert Mugabe on 18 November 2017, to mean that the people of Zimbabwe were in support of ZANU PF and its internal fissures.

The people of Zimbabwe are clear in that Mugabe Must Go so as to pave way for a transition that brings about a transformative democratic developmental state.

The PDP reaffirms its commitment to mass based efforts by the people of Zimbabwe as shown on 18 November 2017 and has encouraged all its members to fully support such efforts in future.

The party equally fully commits itself to the MDC Alliance and all its programmes and will participate wholly in all activities that are aimed at restoring democracy and legitimate leadership in Zimbabwe.

The PDP places the roadmap to legitimacy as follows
  • Establishment of a transitional government - the Party advocates for a negotiated Transitional Mechanism that involves all stakeholders to the political process including churches, business and civil society. This transitional government must be ceased with the following:
  • Political Stability - this shall encompass:
  • Restoration of peace and tranquillity
  • Removal of military personnel from streets and back to the barracks
  • Reconciliation and National Healing
  • Transitional Justice
  • Institutional Reforms - this includes
  • Establishment of Devolution Structures as enshrined in Chapter 14 of the Constitution
  • Reconstitution of ZEC and its Secretariat
  • Security Sector Reforms
  • Electoral Reforms
  • Media Reforms
  • Judiciary Services Reforms
  • Legislative Reforms e.g. to deal conclusively with laws like POSA, AIPPA and Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act
  • Executive Reforms as contained in Chapter 5 of the Constitution ie to remove the one centre of power concept
  • Economic Reforms - during its tenure, the Transitional government must deliver a democratic developmental state that offers economic opportunities for all where everyone has the right to the pursuit of a happy and fulfilled life through the following:
  • Macroeconomic stability - consistent monetary and fiscal policies
  • Gross capital formation - resuscitation of dilapidated infrastructure and construction of modern day infrastructure with the bearing to positive economic transformation
  • To set up a Emergency Economic Recovery Fund to deal with poverty and immediate socio-economic needs especially in the health and education sectors
  • To address the debt overhang both domestic and international debt, in order to unlock international investment
  • To finalise the issue of currency management which will bring an end to the recurrent liquidity crisis and reduce the chances of illicit financial flows
  • International reengagement - the Transitional Government must take immediate steps to reengage and normalise relations with international bodies such as the Commonwealth. It will be the role of the Transitional Government to ensure that the country neither looks east or west but forward by engaging everyone irrespective of the region.
  • Election Roadmap - The Transitional Government must ensure establishment of a clear roadmap to free, fair and credible elections. These elections must be supervised by a legitimate, international, independent body.The elections must be observed by all interested bodies and individuals without discrimination.
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Source - PDP