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Tribal attack on Jeys Marabini at Mnangagwa inauguration direct attack

by Israel Dube
28 Nov 2017 at 08:10hrs | Views
Tribal attack on internationally acclaimed jazz musician from Matabeleland, Jeys Marabini, must not be taken lightly by those with their heads in the right place as it is a direct attack on the people of Matabeleland, their language, culture and dignity.

Owing to the fact that there is no coincidence in politics, it is clear as day that the whole thing was well orchestrated by Shona supremacists and gukurahundists in the ruling party.

The intention was to send a message to a few overly exited Matebeles that political power may have shifted from former President  Robert Mugabe to Emmerson Mnangagwa but Shona supremacism remains. Marginalisation, humiliation, domination by Shona people, physical genocide and extermination of Matebele culture, languages, identity and dignity will continue.

According to Jeys Marabini, when his band, Kozekulunge, took to the stage, a section of the crowd at National Sports stadium started shouting saying they do not understand Ndebele language.

But the master of ceremonies kept quiet and Zanupf leaders including Emmerson Mnangagwa himself did nothing.

The unruly and intolerant crowd started throwing plastic bottles and cans, saying unprintable profanities  at Jeys and his crew in a show of hate and tribalism but all this still appeared normal to the master of ceremonies and Zanupf leaders including  Emmerson Mnangagwa as they looked on the side and most probably enjoyed it

It took the courageous  Jeys Marabini to stop the music and address the shona promoters of hate and tribalism, reminding them that Zimbabwe has many tribes.

The Zimbabwean media which usually springs into action and cry tribalism  a Highlanders fan paints himself all white and carry a placard with the words #asifunibumbulu kept quiet as Matebeles are not of value to them. Their humiliation, tribal abuse, or even killing is taken as a normal thing in Zimbabwe.

The leaders of the Zanupft party, opposition partieslike MDCT, NPP, PDO,et al, none governmental organisations and traditional leaders who where present at the event so nothing and said nothing during  and after the event as they too view public humiliation of a Ndebele as a normal thing.

An inaugaration ceremony of one of the top Matabeleland genocide perpetrators is marked by a tribal attack of the people of Matabeleland and no one cares to write or say anything about it. It took Jeys Marabini again to write about his ordeal on his face book page that we came to know of it.

The so called "new Zimbabwe political dispensation" starts on a wrong footing by humiliating Matebele nation on a televised event beamed live across the world but no leader in Zimbabwe gives a damn about it. Had it been a Shona musician treated in the same way in Matabeleland the government of Zimbabwe would have issued a threatening statement by now. The highly tribalistic media outlets would have been littered with all sorts of insults against the people of Matabeleland to express their natural hate for Matebeles.

The same state media like The Herald, Chronicle and ZBC that covered Emmerson Mnangagwa hate speeches during Matabeleland genocide in the 1980s did not say anything. This shows that they have not repented and Matebeles are endangered species in Zimbabwe.

MLO will never leave anything to chance. As we said it was time to kiss Zimbabwe goodbye during Mugabe' presidency, today we say Matebeles should restore the statehood of Matabeleland as soon as yesterday for the one in power now is more cruel than Mugabe. Worse more, he thinks we are possessed by many demons for demanding the restoration of our statehood. We do not need to be told what is in store for us in Zimbabwe as Emmerson Mnangagwa has become president, neither do we need to be told what to do now going forward.

We encourage all our radicalised youth to stand up and be counted to play their part to restore  our Sovereignty and Independence.

Sizakuza njengesela , hlalani lilindile ,lihlakaniphe njengezinyoka kodwa libe mnene njengamajuba.

Yiso isikhathi senu lesi ebelisilindele

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube