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Vanakkam Mthwakazi! Hello Mthwakazi! Vanakkam Tamils!

by 1893 MHRRM
11 Dec 2017 at 20:05hrs | Views
The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM) is pitching up its aggressive networking Agenda with other  suppressed and oppressed Nations that have suffered Genocide that are resident in the Diaspora before the coming Matebele Genocide Demos outside the Zimbabwean Embassy and in Joberg, South Africa on the 23rd December 2017.
The Demos will also be used as launch-pad for networking and interworking with stateless Nations that have and continue suffer genocide and gross human rights violations around the world. It is a season of speaking truth to power regarding our shared trials and tribulations and for the aspiration for dignity and respect as Nations of a global village.
As such, The 1893 MHRRM got invited to a Tamils Human Rights Conference at the Wembley International Hotel in London on the 10th December 2017 for solidarity purposes and for exchanging notes on the trials and tribulations of the Tamil Nation and the Matebele Nation and the two Nations' campaigns for Truth and Justice for their respective Genocides.  Both Nations have and continue to suffer Genocides of unimaginable proportions in their respective countries. Both Nations have and continue to suffer gross human rights violations of unimaginable proportions in their respective motherlands. Both Nations are on a path of fighting for the Restoration of their Human Rights including the Right to Self Determination.
It is however important to revisit the historical narrative and concept of Human Rights and how it came about to be the bible that unites all humanity in their quest for a decent, comfortable, full-filled and a safe life of existence.
On the 10th December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly at its 3rd session adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The late Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the late American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was Chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights, oversaw the drafting of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that led to its adoption 69 years ago. The Declaration set out fundamental human rights of all peoples of the world that need to be universally protected. These were scoped in 30 articles which can be gleaned from the declaration found in this link These Rights enunciated in this document are sacred and fundamental and it is these rights that genocidalists and human rights violators of all shapes and sizes breach with reckless abandon around the world. The Tamils and the Matebele and many other Nations have been and remain at the receiving end of the breaching of their rights by states who commit crimes against humanity. Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe are birds of the same feather in this regard.
The Tamils understandably sought to remember this important day by having their own Human Rights conference based on the horrendous Genocide and human rights violations they have and continue to suffer at the hands of the Sri Lankan government.
The Tamil story, like that of the Matebele, is a story of being at the receiving end of gross human rights violations and genocide by the Sri Lankan government, committed with reckless abandon. In 2008 to 2009, the Sri Lankan government designated safer zones for Tamils to assembly in their tens of thousands. What we know is that those tens of thousands of defenceless Tamils, who assembled in these "safer zones", were shelled to deaths in their thousands by the Sri Lankan army leading to a Genocide that we have today.
However the history of the Tamils, like that of the Matebele in Zimbabwe, is a history of historical genocide, dispossession of their country and land and indeed a history of the experience and the living of gross human rights violations up to this present day. It is a history of mass rapes, mass disappearances and mass imprisonment without recourse to legal representation and fair trials. It is also a history of cultural and linguistic genocide, a history of an attempt, by the Sri Lankan state, to strip them their God-given rights, identity and resources.
The Tamil history is no different from that of the Matebele in Zimbabwe, a people whose Nation (Kingdom) was destroyed in November 1893 by Cecil Join Rhodes and his cronies and later in 1922/1923  joined, through a whites only Rhodesian referendum, with Northern Zimbabwe (Mashonaland) to form Southern Rhodesia and a state we call Zimbabwe today. The destruction of our state in 1893 led to genocide yet to be acknowledged in the history of man. The second wave of genocide takes place between 1983 and 1987 under the leadership of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the enforcers of his rule who continue pulling the strings of government today after deposing their leader Robert Gabriel Mugabe in a Coup D'état that the world wishes to give its blessings.
But not only is the Tamil genocide historical. It is both historical and on-going like that of the Matebele. It is historical and current. It is palpable. The Tamil perpetrator will not let off his foot on the pedal of genocide and ethnic human rights violations in the same way that the Matebele perpetrator does not wish to let off his foot on the genocide and ethnic cleansing pedal. Listening to the testimonials given by survivors of that Genocide and the on-going human rights violations against Tamils in Sri Lanka is gut wrenching. It reveals the dark side of humanity around the world.
As the Tamils tell their story, it becomes a reliving of our own genocide as the Matebele. Genocidalists seem to be bound by the same script of violence, the same script of human barbarity, the same pedagogy script of genocide and the same pedagogy script of human rights violations. It is as if Genocidalists world-wide exchange notes on how to commit the genocide and violate the rights of others on a large scale. It seems and it goes without saying that the genocide script anywhere in the world is as textbook as it can be. The horrendous experiences of the Tamils under the Sri Lankan government are not much different from the horrendous experiences of the Matebele in Zimbabwe.
In the midst of this genocide and horrendous human rights violations they have and continue to experience, at the hands of the Sri Lankan government, the Tamils are a proud and friendly people who are inspired by hope and carry their burdens with smiles, love and respect for other peoples of the world. They are equally determined and focused in their quest for Truth, Justice and freedom for the Tamil Land. They have mobilised their community very well and are knocking at the right international doors. The conference was fully packed. The Matebele will have to take a leaf from the Tamil's book of fighting for their rights, justice and freedom. The 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement seeks to play a strategic and vital role in this as it galvanizes the Matebele in this path of seeking Truth, Justice and freedom for the Matebele.
As the 1893 MHRRM prepares for the Demo on the 23rd, we gather that the advisor to the current President of Zimbabwe, Chris Mutsvanga, described the Matebele Genocide as "a mistake…a false start" and castigated Al Jazeera for re-digging the past and for being "irresponsible". Mutsvanga is advised by the 1893 MHRRM that the Matebele Genocide is real, is present and continues to have its devastating impact on the Matebele.
We also would like to remind Mutsvanga that it is not the duty of perpetrator to decide what should happen with that genocide. His boss, in his inauguration speech talked of letting "bygones be bygones". The perpetrator cannot be the jury and the judge in this issue. The perpetrator cannot be the player and the referee at the same time. The Matebele Genocide was not a "mistake". It was a meticulous planned genocide committed with intended results and outcomes. It remains so today as the Matebele continue to suffer the genocide in different forms and guises including cultural and linguistic genocide. It is simply unacceptable.
The 1893 MHRRM together with the Matebele and friends of the Matebele will therefore be sending a strong message to Mutsvanga and his cabal on the 23rd December 2017 that perpetrators of Genocide cannot be players and referees at the same time, juries and judges of their heinous crimes at the same time.
Matebele and friends of the Matebele and any human rights defender you are invited to join the 1893 MHRRM Demo outside the Zimbabwe embassy in London and to join the 1893 MHRRM Demo in Jorberg, South Africa on the 23rdDecember 2017. Jorberg Demo details will be out soon. Please bring a banner with you.

Our Rights, our Fight!

Released by the 1893 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (1893 MHRRM) Information and Publicity Department
1893 Mthwakazi Human Restoration Movement is a movement that represents a proud Nation of Matebeleland made up of amalgamated tribes and races that have co-existed diversely and peacefully with each other for years. We are a Movement emerging from a Nation whose collective rights have been grossly trampled upon, severely assaulted and attacked since 1893.

The Movement's ultimate purpose is to restore the collective social, economic, educational, and cultural, language and territorial rights of the people of Mthwakazi (Matebeleland)

Some Key Dates and events in Matebeleland's colonization timeline
1.       February 188: The Fraudulent Moffat Treat of friendship with Britain signed with King Lobhengula by Johan Moffat, a colonial agent of Cecil John Rhodes, at the instigation of the deceptive and colonial crook Cecil John Rhodes. This treaty was deceptively signed with the full understanding and recognition that King Lobengula was the legal and executive authority over the Matebeleland Kingdom.
2.      October 1888: The Fraudulent Rudd Concession for exclusive mining rights for Rhodes and his colonial cronies was deceptively obtained by Charles Rudd; another colonial agent of Cecil John Rhodes. This treaty was once more a deceptive one signed however with the full understanding and recognition that King Lobengula was the legal and executive authority over the Matebeleland Kingdom.
3.      October 1893 to January 1894 Matebeleland Kingdom was invaded by Rhodes leading to one of the greatest wars ever fought in Southern Africa. The war is referred to as the First Matebele War. Impi YoMvukela Yakuqala
4.      July 1894: The 1894 Matabeleland Order in Council and its successor legal instrument that is The 1898 Matabeleland Order in Council defined the administrative power of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) over Matabeleland and Mashonaland leading to the unification of two Nations to form Rhodesia in 1894 and Southern Rhodesia in 1898. The Matebeleland Order in Councils were sanctioned with the consent of the British Crown.
5.      March 1896 to October 1897: Second Matebele War otherwise known as Impi YoMvukela Yesibili
6.      1983 to 1987: Gukurahundi Genocide committed by the regime of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his cronies, where hundreds of thousands died and millions remain displaced into neighbouring countries and overseas.

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Source - 1893 MHRRM