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ZAPU responds to Simon Khaya Moyo's ascendancy to the factional Zanu Pf presidium

by Iphithule T Maphosa
15 Dec 2017 at 16:32hrs | Views
ZAPU notes with great concern of a report in Newsday-Southern Eye of 15 December 2017 by one Elphacy Dube masquerading as a ZAPU secretary general for Harare province, making unfounded pronouncements concerning the support of Simon Khaya Moyo to the rise to the presidium (vice president) within a faction of Zanu Pf, that is in control of the party (Zanu Pf). The pronouncements insinuates that Dr Dumiso Dabengwa the president of ZAPU is in support of Simon Khaya Moyo to rise to the presidium of the fractured Zanu Pf as it goes to its special congress this weekend.

We dismiss this blatant display of malice contents by elements bent on tarnishing ZAPU, the brand, reputation and the name of its President Cde Dr Dumiso Dabengwa. Moreover, ZAPU  wants to state it clear to fellow Zimbabweans, Africa and the global village as a whole, that  there is no ZAPU in Zanu PF and those claiming to be of ZAPU origins in Zanu Pf are purely representing  their stomachs and families.
Furthermore, the Unity Accord between Zanu and ZAPU of 1987 ceased to exist when ZAPU pulled out of it through its constitutionally constituted convention and congress in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Simon K Moyo and his President ED Mnangagwa have since disowned the Unity Accord. Hence they have no business associating ZAPU with themselves. Therefore we are urging fellow citizens of our beloved country Zimbabwe, that the legitimate ZAPU which is led by Dr Dabengwa is the only institution that has got the right to speak and act on behalf of the mother party, also deriving  legitimacy to speak  and to act on any other issues associated with ZAPU, such as ZPRA/ZAPU properties that were confiscated by Zanu in the early 1980s,  Gukurahundi and the subsequent 1987 Unity Accord visa vis the national healing of the 1980s genocide massacres.

We further reiterate that ZAPU has no member called Elphacy Dube in its books and his pronouncements are clearly and deliberately a plot to put the brand of the party into disrepute.We hear that Dube is related to the biggest looter of all time, Obert Mpofu. Hence his dubious and fraudulent character. Moreso, ZAPU does not have the position of secretary general in all of its structures at provincial level. It must be on record that ZAPU has no business and interfering with what happens in other political parties, hence we will never allow its name to be disrespected and clandestinely dragged in the mud of kindergarten  self imposed spokespersons who drive their self seeking illicit agendas at the expense of ZAPU.
In conclusion, we would like to state it clear that ZAPU remains a peoples driven party, that will not participate in the current politics of self serving-enrichment by political flip floppers of the night, whose only political capital is bootlicking characterized by the recently witnessed somersaulting that happened when the politicians of the night switched loyalty and support in hours following Operation Restore Legacy.

Iphithule T Maphosa
National Spokesperson
Zimbabwe African Peoples Union.

Source - Iphithule T Maphosa