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ED Mnangagwa Hypocrisy: Transform Zimbabwe

by Transform Zimbabwe
13 Jan 2018 at 06:22hrs | Views
Transform Zimbabwe(TZ) has no kind words for Mnangagwa's admnistration in what they perceive as a false promises made by the President when he promised to fight corruption. It has emerged that TZ leadership feels that Mnangagwa is taking the country for a ride by making promises they cannot fullfil.

When Mnangagwa and his team of sympathisers assumed office in 2017 they made promises that were too good to be true only to realise later that instead of combating corruption the new team is being corrupt justice wise. Stories of high ranking officers of Mugabe's administration were picked up on corruption charges and a new year came without a single suceessful prosecution. The cases are taking too long to close and that alone is a factor that denies justice to be served. The state is losing a lot of money in investigations that done by novices and preparing dockets which is a high input to cases that result in no output at all. The country eagerly awaits verdict and everyone knows that life is too short we cannot be kept waiting any longer.

TZ has urged the government to find ways of establishing Corruption dedicated courts through any means available that will work for twenty four hours in a day even on weekends to speed up prosecution. The country cannot continue to put suspects that are at flight risk on bail longer than than the sentence they will get.

The TZ legal team is also on record of encouraging fairness in the way the witch hunting exercise is being done. They bemoan selective justice done by Mnangagwa's administration. The hook is fishing the former G40 cabal from the elite waters while  those perceived as Lacoste team are miles away from the hook. Their worry is that the country and the few resources left are used to settle old scores of which ZANU coffers should be available for that if there playing the scores game. There are people close to Mnangagwa who have been implicated for milking the missing $15billion who still enjoy freedom outside the prison institution and head Ministries that must be taking the chase on pepetrators of corruption.

According to sources within TZ the leadership is not happy about how ZACC is run as it appears to be receiving a list of those who must be off the radar. The call made by TZ Manicaland executive is that Mnangagwa must set up a commission to investigate how diamonds were looted in Manicaland. If Mnangagwa feels its not important to the country then he must do it for Manicaland people who must be enjoying proceeds from the diamonds.

On the way forward TZ leadership said they are  busy consulting with structures to see how it can approach the situation of corruption which is worse that devastations from nuclear bombs.

The party Deputy President Hon Mandla Reason Ngwenya dug into Mnangagwa by advising him to clear prisons through amnesty so as to create space for some corrupt officials who soil the civil service. He also pointed out that a life style audit must be done as early as possible as a way of dealing with those who live beyond their means which is a clear sign that there are feeding from corruption troughs.

Lastly TZ President Jacob Ngarivhume pointed out that multiple farm ownership must be criminalised so as to net in a lot of people who abused authority by acquiring more than what was stipulated and that should wreck in even the former first family who own land that can be allocated to hunders of landless families.

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