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Deployment of soldiers through out rural Zimbabwe confirms the country is a military state

by Khulani David Ndhlovu, NPP National youth spokesperson
18 Jan 2018 at 18:46hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings dear comrades. Mnangagwa's rise to power though a coup was a violation of the constitution and a premonition of military rule. The masses were cunningly pushed to participate in demonstrations meant to dethrone Mugabe. The masses were thus, abused to sanitise the coup. It is them (the masses) that are going to pay dearly for endorsing the coup that gave birth to a military regime. Political ignorance breeds poor decisions and eventually endorsement of autocrats who feed on the blood of the electorate. It leads to the birth of political cannibals who are committed to terrorising the opponents and shedding innocent blood.

Zimbababwe is one of the countries in Africa and South of the Sahara with high literace levels. High literace levels can be interpreted to mean high levels of political enlightenment. Disappontingly is the reality on the ground that most Zimbabweans are politically ignorant hence they always find themselves betting for the wrong horses. They recently demonstrated alongside the army thereby endorsing the junta. What is more worrying are the voices of conformity from the opposition ranks urging the people to give the junta an opportunity. This is asking to giving the devil a chance.

Zimbabweans as educated as they are have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing from Zanu Pf misrule. Have the Zimbabweans forgotten that Mnangagwa was in the forefront of the Gukurahundi attrocities, that Mnangagwa was actively involved in terrorising opponents in 2003, 2008 and 2013 general elections and that the coup was committed to elevate him to the highest political office? Mnangagwa was mentored by R.G Mugabe hence he wholly subscribes to the Mugabeism system. What happened after the coup was therefore, a mere change of personalities at the helm and a continuation of the old stinking and diabolic Mugabeism system. Those of us who are hoping for change under the junta will wait untill the second advent of the biblical Jesus Christ.

The claims thay Zanu Pf has deployed thousands of soldiers in rural areas makes a lot of sense to the politically enlightened. Mnangagwa who used a sword to rise to his current position will do anything and everything to maintain his strange and strong hold to power. The junta knows no constitution. Zimbabweans, we must brace ourselves for the worst.

These soldiers will terrorise the opponents and use threats to influence the voters to vote for Zanu Pf. The green bomber system might be ressurrected to compliment the deployed soldiers. This is very possible with the junta.

As Zimbabweans we must say NO to the militarisation of villages. As NPP, we demand demilitarisation of the rural areas. The soldiers must be the protectors of the constitution and the citizens. They must desist from adulterated polical activities meant to to benefit Zanu Pf.

The problem with autocrats is that they talk right and walk left. Mnagagwa once asserted that the voice of the people is the voice of God. He has however, repeatedly defied the voice of the people. During his visit in Maputo, Mozambique on Wednesday (17/01/2017) he promised Zimbabweans harmonised elections. Those who believe a leopard can change its spots can believe Mnangagwa's political rhetoric that is meant to fool the electorate and the outside world. Dear Zimbabweans, be made aware that the junta will never deliver free and fair elections.

As NPP we therefore, invite all Zimbabweans at home and in the diaspora to resist and reject militarisation of villages. Let us all be advocates for free and fair elections. United we can achieve free and fair elections, but divided the junta's sword will devour us all or tame us into a servile people.

Victory is certain, alluta continua.
NPP National youth spokesperson
Khulani David Ndhlovu...

Source - Khulani David Ndhlovu