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Setting the record straight on the political future of Mthwakazi

by staff Reporter
21 Jan 2018 at 08:50hrs | Views
We wish to state unequivocally that Crown Prince Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo has never issued a statement on the political and constitutional future of Mthwakazi/Matebeleland and Midlands region.

The so-called statement is a figment of imagination by people suffering from the poverty of thinking. It is fake news from up-starts who think defaming others will make them great and relevant. The Crown Prince is an undisputable offspring of greats like King Mzilikazi and King Lobhengula and the founders of Highlanders Football Club. He is a man of solid thinking steeped in the history and the struggles of his people. Akafanisi. Akalahleki.

Uyakwazi lapho sivela khona lalapho isizwe siyakhona. No amount fake news created to divert the nation from its ultimate destiny will ever work. All the freedom-loving people, i.e. 99.9% of all Mthwakazians, are looking forward to 3 March 2018 with celebration and happiness. It is the 0.1% who are spreading these fake news. They know their time is up. Our freedom march is unstoppable.

 The relationship of Mthwakazi/Matebeleland and Midlands region to the rest of the current Zimbabwean state is a political decision that must, by right, be made by Mthwakazians led by Mthwakazian political leadership and not by the Crown Prince.

The coming king is not coming in to replace the Mthwakazi political leadership. He has a different role. His is to unite people around the agenda they would have chosen. His role is to energise abalamadolo asediniwe and champion their causes. His is to lead people from another angle. We are not for an absolute Monarch where the people belong to the King. Rather we are for a republic where the king belongs to the people. Abantu ayisibo benkosi kodwa inkosi ngeyabantu.

As a servant of the people, the King works under the instruction of the people. The people will decide the agenda and the job description of the king. Gone are the days of a sovereign King where people were his servants. In our freedom movement the people are sovereign. So stop asking the Crown Prince and the future king to make decisions that rightfully must be made by the people under the leadership of the Mthwakazi political leadership. But expect, rightly so, a King who is in the mould of Kings Mzilikazi and Lobhengula who fought for their people. Once people have decided, the King will lead the fight.

The role of the King is to support his people and fight from their corner. As king, the Crown Prince will work for the Mthwakazi people (the People of Matebeleland and Midlands in their different ethnic and racial origins) who will be his bosses. Their agenda will be the king's agenda. The King's mandate must derive from the people. He cannot, as Crown Prince or as King, start issuing statements without the mandate of the people. Leaders consult first. Crown Prince Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo is a leader. A good leader for that matter.

Let the people decide their agenda and programme of action and the king will stand ready as their servant. Crown Prince Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo, as a Crown Prince and as a future king, will always stand with his people.

We reiterate that it is a lie that the Crown Prince has ever issued a statement denouncing the freedom movement. This movement is older than him and all of us. It is just arrogant stupidity by the late arrivals in the fight for Mthwakazi freedom to think they own the restoration movement. They never care to read history to see the contribution of their forefathers in the movement. How does a twenty year old or an eighty year old originate an idea and a movement that is 124 years old? Impi ka 1893 was part of the movement.

Impi ka1896/7 was part of the movement. Izinduna who led the fight in 1893 and 1897 were part of the movement. Ibutho lembizo lawo wonke amabutho were part of the movement. The Matebele Home Society was part of the movement. Prince Rhodes Mpango, the great grandparent of Crown Prince Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo, was part of the movement. The formation of Highlanders Football Club was part of the movement. The existence of Highlanders Football Club is still part of the movement. Millions of our people who came before us were part of the movement. It is a people's movement far older than all of us. It started in 1893 and has never stopped since.

It has only changed leaders. Sydney Malunga was part of the movement. Mthandazo Ndema Ngwenya was part of the movement. Qhubekani Dube was part of the movement. What was your role during all these times to think you own the idea and the movement?

 It's a pity that the distorted history that has been fed our people in schools has produced people who either don't think through arguments or who somehow think that the wheel of Mthwakazi freedom was invented by them in 2016/17. Before then they were fast asleep and therefore unaware of the contributions of thousands of Mthwakazians to the cause of Mkhwakazi freedom. On our part we are not that arrogant and stupid to think we are the originators of the freedom movement.

The people shall govern and the King shall be part of the people. But until 3 March 2018 there is no King but only a legitimate heir to the throne. After this date, the king, the first legitimate king since 1893, will be in a position to support the struggles of his people. He will be in a position to make his humble contributions in support of the struggle that began in 1893 when none of the people seeking to paint him in the negative light were there. Unlike others, he is informed enough to know that he is not the originator/founder of the freedom movement.

As a king, Crown Prince Bulelani Lobhengula Khumalo will be at the disposal of his people. One thing for sure, as King, he will not be a stooge of anyone. He is gentle in character but steely in resolve. Those who think otherwise will get the shock of their lives. He will not be a King owned and controlled by a government that oppresses his people. He will not be content with leading a poor people. He knows what people expect from him and he will deliver.

Issued by the real Royal Communications Department

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