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Mnangagwa must live upto his promises - NPP

by Khulani David Ndhlovu
24 Jan 2018 at 18:36hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings comrades. Zimbabwe is labouring under the stigma of Mugabeism. Mugabe might have fallen, but his system is still in place. Mnangagwa is nothing less than a military man who idolises Mugabe. Perhaps his major sin is that of nak*d idolatory which is currently consigning the country back to the old Mugabe order. His minor sin is that of economising with the truth which has seen him talk right and walk left.

Perhaps let me draw parrarels between the crocodile and Mnangagwa. The crocodile is a very cunny raptile that survives by luring prey to its unforgiving jaws. Like a crocodile, he has a sharp vangefull passion hence we recently witnessed
his political enemies being lured to his jaws and punished harshly.

Ngwena is ruthless in its operations. It preys for anything with blood and ruthlessly kills and devours the prey. It kills both the young and old prey. This explains why in the Gugurahundi massacres his name appears in bold-red letters.

A croc has a hard skin that makes it unappealing to carnivores. This thick skin represents Mnangagwa's thick character which has  helped him survive criticism and poison. His G40 opponents attacked him left, right and centre, but he emerged a victor with the help of the army.

It is alleged that the heart of the crocodile is poisonous. Those who practice witchcraft are said to hunt for the heart day and night. Mnangagwa is a dangerous man, more lethal than the poisonous crocodile heart. His modus operandi from 1980 up to 2018, confirms  that he is a dangerous man. Perhaps surviving poison in Gwanda in 2017 can be ascribed to the croc's poisonous heart. A poisonous creature/creation is immune to poison.

Is Zimbabwe dealing with a crocodile in the person of Mnangagwa? If Mnangagwa precisely resembles a crocodile then Zimbabweans must run for their lives because the crocodile kills and is never faithful. Zimbabweans, don't take his promises seriously or else you will die disappointed.

The president on his accession to power asserted that the voice of the people is the voice of God. This was a serious commitment because God's voice is holy and must be honoured all the times. The people have asked for free and fair elections and he promised to give them just that. He recently pronounced that Zanu Pf and the opposition have a joint panel that is meant to ensure elections are free and fair. Contrary to his promise, it is alleged that Zanu Pf has unleashed soldiers to the rural areas to terrorise the opponents. This is a prelude to unfree and unfair elections, littered with intimidation and violence of the unspeakable order. This didn't come as a surprise because the crocodile is never faithfull.

Mnangangwa pronounced that he has signed the reconciliation act, where the  Gukurahundi affected communities will decide how the issue should be dealt with. He further promised that when the need arises that he appears before the commission, he will do so. One wonders whether Mnangagwa is genuine about the commission and its mandate or its just  cunny croc moves and tears? One further wonders who chose the panel team? How can the pepertrator chose his judiciary panel? Common sense tells me that the panel was supposed to be made up largely of the victims. As long as the panel is made of Mnangagwa faithfulls or disciples, then the whole system will be jeopardised.

Mnangagwa must stop using Gukurahundi as a political capital. He must stop using it as a platform for political blundishing or sloganeering. It is a fragile issue that has been ignored for far too long. If he is committed to reconciliation, then the Gukurahundi issue must me given the golden priority it deserves. Only a fair truth and reconciliation programme can heal the nation and mend the tribal gulf.

As NPP we therefore, urge the nation to make sure that Mnangagwa honour his promises. Since the word of the people is the word of God, he must therefore, honour the people's demands because they are holy. Some of the people's demands are: a fair truth and reconciliation Gukurahundi programme, electoral reforms, withdrawal of the soldiers from the villages,  non-patisan stance of the security forces ensured, free and fair ellections and peacefully handing over power in case Zanu Pf looses the elections.

Victory is certain, alluta continua .
NPP National youth spokesperson Khulani David Ndhlovu

Source - Khulani David Ndhlovu