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All road lead to Dotito - Mujuru party

by Khulani David Ndhlovu
17 May 2018 at 14:46hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings dear comrades. It is that time when an organisation has to campaign vigorously for the elections. NPP and the PRC alliance are ready to campaign, they are an oiled machine.  On  Friday 18 May, NPP youth will do a clean-up campaign at Dotito. All roads therefore lead to Dotito.

Some political parties are well known for busing people to their rallies. NPP and PRC are a breed apart, they will never degenerate into such cheap politics of feeding the media with wrong numbers of the same people in all the rallies. Again, we do not subscribe to the politics of lies. We will never promise our people heaven on earth yet their realities on the ground is a life littered with untold poverty and suffering. We  will never promise them bullet trains and a new Dubai in our land, yet we know our people are unemployed, atms are cashless, roads have more pot holes than tar and prices of basic commodities are exhorbitantly high. Chamisa who recently posted that he wants Mujuru to join the alliance even if she has no numbers, must wake up from slumber. He must come to Dotito on Friday and learn from the best. Chamisa who is well known for his hallucinatory pronouncements must take hallucinogenes to curb his out of control ailment. Lying is very dangerous disease, if not a lethal demon. He must therefore attend our Dotito rally to unlearn the politics of lies.

Mnangagwa, the citadel of false promises must also learn from the best, Joice Mujuru. The only difference between Chamisa and Mnangagwa is age. Otherwise Mnangagwa is the older version of Chamisa, and Chamisa is the younger version of Mnangagwa. They have a common ground where their talents intersect, and the common talent in both of them is LIES. Our people must reject consuming poisonous lies from both Mnangagwa and Chamisa. Populist politics is for political fraudsters. It is a misfit in our modern politics.

Dear comrades, all roads on Friday 18 May lead to Dotito. Dotito comrades, let us come in numbers and partake in our youth clean up campain. As NPP and PRC alliance youth, we are wholly behind cde Mujuru as our president. United we shall successfully wrestle political hegemony from Zanu Pf. The future is ours and Zanu Pf is history and must remain forever there because that is where is belongs.

Victory is certain, alutta continua
NPP National Youth Chairman
Khulani David  Ndhlovu

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Source - Khulani David Ndhlovu
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