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'RED FRIDAY OF RAGE' - Teachers' Union

17 May 2018 at 16:00hrs | Views
We, the teachers of Zimbabwe organising under the banner of Amalgamated Rural Teachers' Union of Zimbabwe, ARTUZ, working hand in glove with all grieved teachers;
Angered by the 15% salary increment being offered by employer;
Irked by the negotiation process in which APEX shamelessly claims to represent us; Saddened by the unwillingness by government to increase our rural allowance; Confident that people's power always triumph over boardroom discussions. Inspired by the unity and revolutionary discipline of doctors and nurses;
Aware that government has capacity to substantially improve our working conditions;
Realising that our employer can disregard constitutionalism and fire us if we embark on any unco-ordinated job action;
Determined to fight for what is justifiably and legitimately ours;
Do hereby declare Friday 18th May 2018 as RED FRIDAY OF RAGE !!
To show our anger on this day we are going to:
  • Wear red which is a global colour for trade unionism and working-class struggles. Engage in diverse non-violent actions to send a message to employer.
  • Encourage each other to come up with own unique protests minimising co-operation with the expectation of the employers.
  • Invite all teachers to join us as we show our anger to employer.
  • We will hold Red Discussion Forums in schools and in any available spaces country wide to raise consciousness amongst ourselves.
  • The workers' movement is owned by us the workers it's now time to lead ourselves !!

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Source - ARTUZ