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Mujuru will leave no stone unturned in Dotito on the 19th of May

by Khulani David Ndhlovu
17 May 2018 at 17:34hrs | Views
Revolutionary greeting comrades. On the 18th of May at Dotito, the NPP youth will do a clean up campaign. This campaign will be a forerunner to the main rally on the next day. Thus, on the following day, on the 19th of May at the same venue, cde Mujuru will adress the crowds leaving no stone unturned and no corner untouched. She will adress the bread and butter issues of the electorate. She wont, like most politicians, sell the masses an American dream. Political blandishing is not for genuine politicians, but for losers and cheats in the make of Chamisa and Mnangagwa.

Chamisa once promised the audience in one of his rallies a Bullet Train if he becomes the state president. He also once opined that he met up with Trump and was promised USD15 billion if he wins the elections. Recently, he promised Zimbabweans spaghetti roads, a Dubai in Zimbabwe and airports in remote rural areas. I reiterate that, this rhetorising on first world developmental projects in a retarded country with a bleeding economy is a ludicrous dream. The young man must go deep into the rural areas and consult with the villagers about their needs and stop reproducing an "American dream." We all have dreams but we have never even in our drunk mode, consigned them to the public domain for the consumption of the poor and the unemployed

Is Chamisa aware of the tangible stigma of poverty the people are labouring in? Why is he quiet about it and what is his panacea to it? All his promises have nothing to do with the poor hence I submit that they are exclusively bourgeoisie promises. They appeal to the rich only. Politics catapulted Chamisa to the bourgeoisie class which his rhetoric appeals to. He represents his class  because he identifies with it and its needs. Zimbabwe needs a leader who identifies with the poor and understands their problems, not bourgeoisie leaders who are committed to representing the needs of their minority class.

As a result of his unguided lies, Chamisa was recently undressed on Hard Talk. His lies were laid bare for the whole world to see. Its a pity because such champions of lies like Chamisa will continue lying until donkeys grow horns. They never learn from their past mistakes, but instead, they find pleasure in building on these mistakes. Divorcing politics of lies to such certified liers is like cutting off a part of their body.

On the other side of the Liedom, we have cde Mnanagwa who promised to resuscitate the economy and inject cash to the moneyless Reserve Bank. He also promised to create employment opportunities through reindustrialisation and liquidate anti-investment laws so as to attract foreign investment. The reality on the ground tells a different story. He has failed disimally to achieve all these promises. He is trully an older version on Chamisa. Lying is what they do best, it is in their DNA, it is their occupation. Comrades, Zimbabweans are tired of empty promises. Lets shun the vehicles of politics of lies and stick with those who focus on our bread and butter issues and then latter, serious developmental issues.

Dear comrades, on Saturday the 19th of May, cde Mujuru will address the crowds at Dotito. She understands and identifies with the plight of the poor.  She is a selfless leader who can take us to the promised land, she is the leader who can economically empower the poor. Dotito, let us get ready for the NPP and PRC alliance president, comrade Joice Mujuru. She is our future, she is what Zimbabwe needs at the present moment.

Victory is certain, aluta continua.
NPP National Youth Chairman
Khulani David Ndhlovu

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Source - Khulani David Ndhlovu
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