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The Official Introduction of the Zimbabwe Democratic Union (ZDU) to the public

by ZDU
21 Jun 2018 at 09:07hrs | Views
Our Identity and Background

ZDU stands for Zimbabwe Democratic Union. The party was conceived sometime in April, 2018 under the leadership of General Sikhumbuzo Ndiweni after a comprehensive scan of the Zimbabwe electoral menu had failed to produce the best political option that accommodates the collective aspirations of all the people of Zimbabwe. While it is a universal fact that Zanu PF is the author of all the afflictions and ills in Zimbabwe, the main opposition on the other hand is the guarantor and underwriter for the perpetuation of the crisis. They are not the solution but part of the problem. Zanu PF's blundering culture supplies them with political currency and relevance. We are here to offer the peoppe of Zimbabwe a genuine 'Third Way' that rejects the current unhelpful politics of binaries.

Our Objectives as a party

ZDU prescribes an urgent reconstructive surgery for Zimbabwe that is going to reverse the institutional collapse, liquidity crunch, industrial decline, obscene unemployment levels, escalating levels of poverty, the deepening corruption as well as the burgeoning domestic and foreign debt crises through its Devolution and Access to Wealth and National Resources (DAWN) economic policy and governance plan.

Late Arrival

We aknowledge that we arrived on the political scene at the 11th hour but insist that our timing is actually very strategic. Most parties that avail themselves for elections usually burn their oil before the groom arrives. By the time of elections they will be consumed in so much self-slaughter that they even forget why they were formed in the first place. With good planning, clever execution, targeted campaigning, effective communication and modest resources to overwhelm the psyche of the voter, a new outfit can capitalize on the mistakes of old blocks and post a remarkable victory. Watch the space.


We have been quizzed why we are not in a coalition with other opposition parties in order to enhance our electoral success. It's true that coalitions generally have the potential to enhance the electoral successes of their constituents. However none of the existing coalitons in Zimbabwe has such capacity. The MDC T for instance was much stronger with the Dr Thokozani Khupe faction still part of the main body than with the numerous parasitic entities that banished her and her colleagues. The MDC Alliance is therefore the most ill-concieved idea ever to emerge in Zimbabwe in recent times as it has weakened rather than strengthened the main opposition. Even more ominous is the disingenuousness of their leadership which took its partners for a ride. It is simply a potent recipe for electoral disaster.

Our Winning Formula

What we can assure the members of the public is that we have an effective winning formula. However, for tactical reasons we will not divulge details of our winning game. Suffice to say that we will employ an integrated campaign strategy which will marshal all our collective intelligence to win the contested constituencies, wards and provincial councils.

Splitting Votes

Those that charge that our participation in the elections will split votes are misguided. Most of the election surveys so far reveal that over 30% of the voters don't belong to anyone. If our party can grab that undecided vote and even snatch the loosely attached votes from the main parties through sheer force of popular appeal then victory is ours. Our African wisdom advises that "Oyitshayileyo ukakayidli; oyidlileyo udl' icala" and "Chako ndechawadya chigere mutoro wamambo" (Victory is not yours until you have securely achieved it).

Due to constraints of time and resources ZDU was only able to field 60 directly elected candidates across the whole country. With these cadres in parliament we hope to influence political events in the country in a significant manner. To be modest, if we win at least 30 out of the 60 seats we are contesting in the 210 member strong legislative assembly, our presence in parliament will be twice as much as that of the EFF in the 400 member South African parliament. We all know how much effective that tiny number of EFF MPs has been in the S.A. parliament. We too will surely rock the boat.

Immediate Objective

Within the first 100 days in parliament, ZDU MPs aim to successfully push for the

alignment of the country's laws with the 2013 constitutional provisions to allow the implementation of devolution of power. As such the country's 10 administrative provinces will be run under a devolved system of governance in accordance with Chapter 14 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. This law shall be interpreted in a manner that effectively decentralize all legislative, judiciary and economic decisions and opperations with the exception of those of national nature.

ZDU will seek to influence the reform of the national constitution so that we totally abolish the direct election of members of parliament based on constituencies. We will instead push for the adoption of national lists based on total votes cast nationally and provincially to determine who forms the national and provincial governments respectively. Only local government councillors should be directly elected.

Our Economic Vision

ZDU will create an enabling legislative and fiscal environment that will promote a profitable exploitation of our diverse resources such as minerals, tourism and tourist attractions and land for the benefit of the nation. ZDU will seek to remedy all the Zanu-PF economic disasters by restoring confidence to the investors, rehabilitating the mining, agricultural and manufacturing sectors which used to account for 95% of the GDP and contributed the bulk of employment. In addition to that, ZDU will seek to pursue a free market economy that promotes fair competition but will also strive to ensure that the poor are protected from unscrupulous and exploitative business tendencies associated with greed and avarice which has become a common feature of the nation's economic decline. In order to safeguard the nation against corrupt propensities, ZDU will help to establish a number of pro-poor state institutions which will be protected by the country's constitution.

Manifesto Launch and Leadership Unveiling

We will launch our manifesto dubbed the NEW DAWN and our interim party leadership concurrently in the next few weeks. Now that the Nomination Court has sat and confirmed the participation of our candidates in these elections, our thrust and message will be precise, clear and specific. Our major theme as captured in our manifesto is the birth of a NEW Zimna in 2023 whose gestation period starts now with this modest participation.

ZDU Interim Leader

General Sikhumbuzo Ndiweni

Source - ZDU