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We demand and deserve fair, transparent and credible elections!

by Frazer Muzondo, ROHR ZIM/ MDC UK
23 Jul 2018 at 08:01hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) must be the bastion of democracy and transparency during the ongoing elections. Opposition parties must be embraced and listened to and not shunned as what the current ZEC is doing. There are three major compelling issues to be addressed before opposition parties are rushed into an otherwise predetermined election process. The days of sham elections which were rigged by Mugabe are over and it is our democratic right as citizens of Zimbabwe to demand transparency, equality and inclusiveness throughout the election period.

Firstly, why is it that it's only in Zimbabwe where ballot papers are printed in secrecy? Most countries in the world invite opposition parties to witness such an important process. The fact that such openness is denied to the people of Zimbabwe breeds suspicion and contempt towards ZEC.

Secondly the ballot paper must be a genuine paper with all the credible water marks which meets international standards. ZEC should invite international observers and election experts to come and verify the current ballot paper. Independent observers can easily tell if the current ballot paper from Israel is genuine.  
Lastly the storage and transportation of papers should be a process involving all stakeholders. Opposition parties must be involved. They have a right to know about the logistics and storage of the ballot papers, During Mugabe's time, the whole election process was shrouded in secrecy and intimidation was constantly used to silence critics. If Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are ushering in a new dispensation as they claim, then why are they still practising exclusiveness vis-à-vis the electoral process? This time Zimbabweans should stand and demand a fair, transparent and all-inclusive electoral process.

Let's all stand up and demand transparency, fairness and inclusiveness during elections.

By Frazer Muzondo

Source - Frazer Muzondo, ROHR ZIM/ MDC UK