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Our time for change has come: Ngarivhume

by Jacob Ngarivhume
29 Jul 2018 at 09:48hrs | Views
Good Day Zimbabwe!

As a nation, we have come a long way. The journey for change has been long, full of sacrifices, pain and suffering.

When we began this journey in 1999, we did not expect it to be such a long journey. Indeed, like the children of Israel, we have for long been in the wilderness. Some of the brave cadres we began this journey with are nolonger with us.

People have given their lives for this vision. They  fought with their lives for this vision. One of them is Dr Morgan Tsvangirai, our founding father, the father of Zimbabwean democracy. A selfless man, he spent his whole life fighting for the freedom of Zimbabwe until his untimely death.

However, despite all the huddles we have faced, I believe we are now closer to the Zimbabwean dream than ever before. I believe the vision all of us have laboured so hard for is now at hand.

We have come together, as One People, and as One Nation, under the banner of MDC Alliance to work together towards the attainment of the Zimbabwean dream.

Under the leadership of our president, President Nelson Chamisa, we are now at the river Jordan, ready to enter the promised land.

The time for change is now. As president Chamisa says, "Nyika yakuzodirwa sugar." Let us make sure that on Monday we vote for MDC Alliance councillors, MDC Alliance MP's and our MDC Alliance president, President Nelson Chamisa.

Let us do this for our founding father, President Morgan Tsvangirai. Let us do this for all our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and family who gave their lives fighting for this vision. Our time for change has come.

Vote for MDC Alliance. Vote for the change that delivers.

God bless you all.
God bless Zimbabwe.

I love you all.

Jacob Ngarivhume
Transform Zimbabwe  President
MDC Alliance Principal

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Source - Jacob Ngarivhume