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Chief Jahana's People Terrorised by Zanu PF

by Mqondisi Moyo
25 Sep 2018 at 11:21hrs | Views
People of Nsango village under chief Jahana are leaving under the extreme terror of Zanu PF under the command of Shem Mathe, the headmaster of Nsango Primary school. The headmaster is said to have openly defied the authority of the traditional leadership and managed to coerce some village heads to partner him in his evil shenanigans.

The headmaster who is rumoured to be making a living through selling communal residential stands, has assembled a group of Zanu PF assassins who steal, and burn the properties of those allocated stands by the Chief. He has vowed that the place belongs to Zanu PF.

Two of the villagers who had their property stolen were severely assaulted and left for dead. The villagers had gone there to demand for their property which they managed to find with some suspects. On their way to the police station to hand over the suspects, they were ambushed and brutally assaulted. One of them was axed on the head. It is alleged that the local police are working in cahoots with this headmaster and have been selective in their application of the law in favour of Mathe and his ZANU PF brigade. The terror, assault and arson on Chief Jahana's People has been going on for many years with the police playing a cheerleading role for ZANU PF. This headmaster is said to be selling stands for $1500 and it is believed some of the money goes to bribing the local police friends.

As we write this article, the innocent victims of theft Mthobeki Ncube and Newman Ncube, apart from nursing severe injuries, have been charged with unlawful entry and assault, while thieves and murderers who were found with stolen properties, are roaming freely. The two who were assaulted yesterday around 3pm we're taken to Shangani clinic before taken to Bulawayo United Hospitals where the MRP President and others visited them.

We call upon the people of Insiza to come together and resist this evilness. We will lay our lives if need be, to defend our people from this imported culture of hooliganism.

Asibambaneni bantu bakithi sikulungiseni.

Mthwakazi Republic Party: Security Department