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ZESA must reverse ill-judged decision on massive electricity disconnection around Old Magwegwe

by Innocent Ndibali
20 Oct 2018 at 06:59hrs | Views
Innocent Ndibali
Old Magwegwe residents are warned of the ZESA operations of disconnecting power from the masses who cannot even afford a meal per day.

Citizens who lost their pensions and savings to this very government are now expected to stay in darkness on an empty stomach.

This will affect the orphaned, the aged, child headed families, widowed, millions of economically disadvantaged/unemployed, the disabled and the poor.

Many people are being left in darkness without even a single cent to buy a simple candle.

Such an ill-judged decision is likely to increase crime and contribute to loss of lives.

Only a cruel and uncaring Government can take such decision given economic circumstances and massive unemployment across the country.

As Zim EFF we call upon this government to rethink such anti-citizen policies.  

Issued by Zim EFF Media Relations

Innocent Ndibali
EFF Commander-in-Chief (President)

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Source - Innocent Ndibali