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Mzila reacts to 1893 MHRRM call for Demo against Motlante Commission

by Moses Mzila Ndlovu
19 Nov 2018 at 10:32hrs | Views
It is absurd that in a country with such an ugly human rights violations record since it's independence whose peak was the slaughter of more than 40000 innocent and unarmed civilians in ways that cannot be matched by any genocide seen anywhere else in the world, a commission is set up to investigate the murder by state apparatus of six civilians while the setters of the inquiry sit on reports of the worst genocide the country has ever seen.

It is sad that a person of the stature of a former South African Vice President of a country with scars of apartheid so fresh in the minds of his fellow citizens and the world at large will associate and avail himself for service to a diabolical venture with his eyes closed to the crimes his appointers committed in the name of ethnic cleansing inspired by the most primitive and debased form of tribal hatred of the people of Matebeleland and the Midlands region.

We will remember this betrayal for a long time to come.

It is fitting that those affected by the Matebeleland Genocide express their bitterness over the collaboration of South Africa with the Zanu PF government in the administration of selective justice while we are struggling to get the United Nations to institute an Idependent Fact Finding Commision to investigate the Gukurahundi massacre immediately in the same way it has done in Cambodia and Myanmar lately.

There is no difference between what Pol pot and his gangster Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia and what Mugabe and his blood sucking gukurahundists did in Zimbabwe where the survivors are still groaning under the yoke of the intended consequences of the genocide while the rest of the world looks the other way .

I appeal to those resident in the United Kingdom to turn out in large numbers to express their disgust over the Mothlante Commission and demand that he packs his bags and go home and not to touch the Zanu PF money in true reflection of the founding moral high standards the ANC precariously now stands on due to uncalled for political blight of consorting with Zanu PF.

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu