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EFF commends Mnangagwa

by EFF Zimbabwe
08 Dec 2018 at 07:49hrs | Views
We as EFF in Zimbabwe we would like to commend the President of the second Republic of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa for taking a positive direction of taking land from those who stole it from those who had stolen it.

This is a very correct direction which the country must take if the past imbalances are to be corrected. It seems the president is heeding our call to give land to everyone equal, and as such we are a party that believes that where good things are done we then congratulate and encourage progress and implementation of such initiatives.

We believe those amassed vast land while other fellow Zimbabweans do not own land are thieves as well. We therefore call for speedy action without fail by President Mnangagwa's government in correcting this ill-behaviour particularly by former president Robert Mugabe.

We are supporting that every Zimbabwean must be entitled to land and it must be One farm one family. We cannot have a situation where by the former president has 21 farms yet he is not using them while people live in squatter camps.
We call upon Zimbabwean to support the efforts by ED's government in implementing this programme. We are availing ourselves as an organisation to assist in any way to see that this project is a success which the president is pioneering in redistributing the land fairly and equal

Recently media reports cited President Emmerson Mnangagwa saying his government was ready to seize and redistribute tracts of idle farmland mostly owned by his top Zanu PF allies. This follows a land audit which unearthed multiple farm ownership by influential officials in violation of the one-man-one-farm policy by government. "The land reform program is done and dusted," Mnangagwa said while addressing some traditional leaders in Kadoma on Monday. "As government, we have embarked on a land commission audit. The audit has unearthed that most of the bigwigs have more than one farm."

To address the anomaly, President Mnangagwa said government was going ahead with plans to repossess the farms for redistribution to other Zimbabweans who did not benefit from the country's controversial land reform process in the past 18 years.

Mnangagwa also said his government would also move to downsize some of the farms considered too big.

"The preliminary reports have shown us that most senior officials within the party (Zanu PF) have more than one farm.
"As government, we are going to address the anomaly. We are going to repossess those farms and redistribute them. We are going to downsize on some of the farms.

"There are some individuals, very influential, whom we cannot name who have more than one farm and we are going after them," he said.

We will stand with the president is seeing through this programme and we are also urging fellow patriotic opposition parties to heed the presidential call and work together for a better Zimbabwe where land is shared equal amongst all Zimbabweans despite race, tribe and beliefs.

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