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Michael Reza not fit to be a prosecutor

by Jacob Mafume, MDC National Spokesperson
11 Dec 2018 at 10:33hrs | Views
The revelation that Michael Reza is questioning the decision by a Harare Magistrate allowing journalists to live stream Hon. Tendai Biti's trial is not only shocking but unacceptable.

Lawyers representing the MDC Deputy Chairperson today presented before the court a leaked message he addressed to one Mr. Mpofu in which Reza referred to the decision as yet "another strange decision".

He went on to say the Magistrate is "Brave or stupid or both."

This is clearly contemptuous of the court and a clear expression of personal interest in the matter. Reza was ordered to recuse himself from the matter after the court found him to be biased after filing an offensive affidavit.

This bias is however a reflection of a wider challenge within the National Prosecution Authority. The Constitution makes it clear that the NPA must be independent however Reza has exposed his bias in contravention of this principle.

During the public interviews for a Prosecutor General, Mr. Kumbirai Hodzi who is currently occupying office in an acting capacity said he takes instructions from the executive on which cases to pursue.

We argued then as we do now that such is a violation of the Constitution. We have also stated that all the cases against Vice President Morgen Komichi, Hon. Biti, Hon. Happymore Chidziva have nothing to do with prosecution but persecution.

Reza's text message vindicates our view.

We demand that he be removed from the NPA, that the institution be strengthened and independence ensured. More importantly the issue of threatening judicial officers must be a thing of the past. It also follows that all trumped up charges against members of the MDC must be dropped.

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson

Source - Jacob Mafume, MDC National Spokesperson