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2019 New Year Address to Zimbabwe - UCADGPZ

by UCAD Founding leader Albert Matapo
31 Dec 2018 at 21:50hrs | Views
It is with deep seated sorrow and much distress that I make this new year address again to the men and women who have to bear the brunt of the economic malaise hounding Zimbabwe.

Instead of hope and fresh resolutions, the Zimbabwean citizen has to contend with a bleak future and multiple uncertainties visited upon them by an irresponsible and callous administration whose only claim to power lies on their participation in a war of liberation that was meant to free us from one dictator but which shackled us yet to another, the only difference being only the colour of their skins.

On the political front, Zimbabweans are suffering from profound despair and frustration as their political choices and will are manipulated by cunning thievery and fraudulent electoral process that disregards their will.

On the economic front, parents have to contend with increased school fees and accessories yet their wages remain seated on unrealistic scales of Bond paper "currency." Prices of goods have skyrocketed, fares quadrupled and the general financial environment is inexplicably distorted yet they are expected to find their way through this quagmire which is not of their making.

Socially, innocent gatherings and family programs have become untenably eroded by a bleak economic environment, leading our teenage girls to embark on prostitution for survival while their male counterparts take to drugs as a form of escapism. Our social fabric has been worn thin and our respectful culture has been turned upside down

Where do we go from here "ohh!!" dear Zimbabwe? Do we fold our arms and look on as our erstwhile liberators and not only clueless but also illegitimate leaders take advantage of our peace-loving nature for willing acquiescence?

No and a big no! We are a proud people who gallantly dislodged a brutal colonial master through sheer determination and a dodged quest for freedom.

It is that heroic spirit of gallantry that I call upon now. Our desperate situation is man-made and not a natural phenomenon at all. We have the resources, we have the means and what we need now is the spirit to say enough is enough. Whether at home or abroad, Zimbabweans, we don't need this! Let us confront the authors of our misery and tell them off.

Let us not put all our hopes on selected individuals, or particular political organizations nor the outside world to dislodge the ZANU PF stranglehold on power. It is you and me who must do it and now. It is the duty of everyone to be in front. Let us compete to be in front of this struggle. It is not the best to leave it for others.

For the sake of our children, their future and posterity, ZANU PF has to go in the coming year, 2019 so that the nation is put to normalcy on the political, economic and social fronts. We have to get rid of this selfish, callous, corrupt and illegal administration that has wreaked havoc on our simple existence so that they enrich themselves while we go hungry, lack medicines and die on neglected roads.

May I remind all of you that, one of the penalties for refusing to participate and be active in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors (Plato 423 BC – 347 BC). We all have equal chances of becoming leaders and not rulers so the chance is open for you and everyone else. We want a Zimbabwe in which we are equal, where leadership is rotated amongst the different tribes, different races and which respect gender equality.

Iwe neni time basa. 2019 is the year of reckoning! Enough is enough! NGATIZVIITEI.
Thank you and may the good Lord guide us in all our endeavours in 2019.

Source - UCAD Founding leader Albert Matapo