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It's time for government to resign - Zapu

by Iphithule Maphosa ZAPU National Spokesperson
13 Jan 2019 at 13:46hrs | Views
Zanu-PF's socio-political bankrupcy has finally come out openly for all to see now. The economic lunacy that this government has created and is all out to perpetuate at all cost, renders the regime unacceptably incapable to continue.

What next drastic decision will ZanuPF resort to after trempling on all peoples rights, stole elections and rendered the once economic jewel of Africa ruins is any one's guess.

Out of the blue they, through the finance ministry announced the 2%  tax on electronic transactions. This is while they had failed disimally to solve currency and cash shortages they created in the first instance. We saw the economic erosion that it caused, the subsquent panic among the people and the disastrous outcome as evidenced by the over 40 days strike of the doctors.

ZanuPF led givernment takes the Zimbwean people as toys and thinks citizens naive as themselves. The military backed junta is mistakingly taking the peoples patience for gullibility and docility. The peace loving desperate Zibabweans are taken for granted by a regime whose only preoccupation is ammassing and consolidating political power while they have absolutely no clue running a pro people socio economic setup.

During the day they denied earlier speculations about fuel increases. Their own ministers dismissed the news only for their power drunk  leader to confirm  that very news. So is there any un true rumour? As to what informs the ridiculous increases the marouding Zanu PF can never tell except flimsy excuses from economically illiterate junta officials who even are failing to make the fuel available in the country.

Zimbabeans from all walks of life must join ZAPU as we call on the Mnangagwa regime to resign for its dismal failure since the november.2017 coup and for the  brutal economic attacks on the struggling masses which are inhuman.

We know that they are enforced militarily.  As Zimbabweans we cannot forever live in fear for it only is to our own peril. Mnangagwa is failing day by day despite numerous promises of econimic prosperity under the military junta.  He must resign together with his cheer leaders in cabinet and the toothless and helpless parliament. Zimbabwe has seen enough of.their failure and our country cannot afford another day with such mediocrity.

Iphithule Maphosa
ZAPU National Spokesperson

Source - Iphithule Maphosa