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'Is Mthwakazi Independence Achievable?'

by Mthwakazi Research Institute
20 Jan 2019 at 09:19hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Research Institute, registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in South Africa, through a research that lasted for 3 months, from October 2018 to December 2018, answers the question that says, 'is Mthwakazi independence achievable.'  The research unveils the programs that have been done and the impact each of those programs has had in as far making the Mthwakazi independence a reality. The independence of Mthwakazi , commonly known as Matabeleland, cannot be further delayed if results gathered by MRI are anything to go by.

The research shows that since the intensification of the Struggle for the restoration of Mthwakazi from Zimbabwe, championed by MLF, formerly  MFP (Mthwakazi Freedom Party) in 2006, a more purposeful and radical approach has yielded meaningful results.

The programs that the Institute looked closely at were;

1) The installation of Mthwakazi Chief in South Africa.
A move that has not yielded so much desired results in as far as providing for the rallying point of Mthwakazi people in South Africa, has had a diplomatic impact in as far as putting Mthwakazi on a regional map. Mthwakazi had become a closed book even to the South African Zulu nation, where Mthwakazi founding Father, King Mzilikazi Khumalo originated from. Mthwakazi nationals, according a source that organises the Annual uMhlanga/The Reed Dance, in KwaZulu Natal, never attended or sent their girls to the ceremony but since the installation of Mr Albert Z Gumede as Mthwakazi Chief, few numbers of  Mthwakazi people grace such occasions. Another source closer to the King of South Africa,  Goodwill Zwelithini or Isilo as he is widely known said, they knew Gumede from long back as a friend and business man that had no much meaning. His installation as Mthwakazi Chief did not only strengthen his relations with the Zulu nation but it put Mthwakazi right at the King's palace. Mthwakazi people not only attend to the King's functions but ISilo too has taken the Mthwakazi issues upon himself to ensure it is achieved some day. He has in a number of times dispatched his chiefs and personal advisor into Zimbabwe to assess the situation of Mthwakazi people there.

2)The Revival of Mthwakazi Kingship
The second major victory has been the near conclusion of the Kingship search that had stalled for over 100 years. While Organizations like Mzilikazi Cultural Association and UMhlahlo Wesizwe samaNdebele worked tirelessly to persuade the Khumalo house to provide the heir to the throne (a very pivotal and key element in the Struggle and eventual independence of Mthwakazi), it was the political formations that led to the positive near conclusion of that matter. Now the Nation has only 2 leading contenders. Soon the last will remain and take his role in the Struggle.

According to one Mthwakazi activist, the full coronation of Mthwakazi King has been the missing link in the realisation of Mthwakazi Independence. He said Mthwakazi state was snatched away by the British Forces from the cultural leader, King Lobhengula and colonisers will better listen cultural leaders than politicians. The other positive that came with the revival of Mthwakazi Kingship is that it has pushed different Mthwakazi ethnic groups into realizing that they all needed to revive their cultures as well as their custodians. This was witnessed by the rise of the Mambo Dynasty to revive and install the next BaKalanga King, who is expected to resume the seat that has gone for years without the holder after the death of King Mambo. According to one Mthwakazi activist, what the Mambo Dynasty was doing was 100% in line with the principles of the restoration of Mthwakazi as a State on its own. "In Mthwakazi, all Mthwakazi ethnicities are equal and are at liberty to practise their cultures in their own way as long they will all acknowledge that there is only one Supreme King, which is a king picked from the Khumalo family," he said.

3) Formation of many Mthwakazi Parties
Mthwakazi has been criticized from all corners for the mushrooming organisations, all claiming to be fighting for the liberation of Mthwakazi. Confusing and as bad as it has been depicted to be, it has also provided a turning point in the Struggle for the liberation of Mthwakazi. Each of those formations has chosen their different route through which they claim they will liberate Mthwakazi. MLF has maintained that there is no way Mthwakazi can be liberated out of an armed confrontation with the present day colonisers of Zimbabwe and that has almost seen them regarded as the resilient, trustworthy and reliable of all Mthwakazi formations. On the other hand Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) and some other formations that include the ANSA, which is led by the former Minister of National Healing, Moses Mzila Ndlovu have said the participation in the Zimbabwean vote can be the way to go as witnessed in the recent Zimbabwe polls, where MRP deployed its candidates allover Mthwakazi. The participation in the Zimbabwean votes by such organisations attracted so much criticism from many Mthwakazi who saw it as the betrayal of the Mthwakazi agenda, considering that ZANU would rig the election. During the research, MRI noted that, indeed the Zimbabwe could not liberate Mthwakazi but it provided for free interaction with the masses of Mthwakazi for the formations that took that route. According to some Mthwakazi people in mainly rural Mthwakazi areas, they proved the Mthwakazi thing was a reality after meeting MRP and ANSA members campaigning in their villages. They said they had as early as 2010 heard about the thing but they had seen no one of its movers to ascertain that it was a reality.  The increase in the Mthwakazi formations further demonstrated that Mthwakazi embraces with success, a multi-party system. In Bulawayo, MLF and MRP supporters were spotted in their party regalia but having some nice time together. When asked how they managed to keep together in their different party regalia, they said supporting different parties could never be the cause for enmity on one another. They altogether shouted, "Different Parties, One Mthwakazi, One Agenda and One People." That also answered the question on whether or not Mthwakazi independence could be achieved with more than one organisation championing the Mthwakazi struggle. The research results shows that the Mthwakazi Stakeholders should maybe strive to achieve the unity for a certain purpose only because Mthwakazi people were united in their different affiliations.

On that note, MRI noted that only on a countable number of occasions have party leaders clashed on media platforms and on such instances the Dr Churchill Guduza led MLF faction could have been at faulty on stepping on parties who in turn have in many cases chosen to keep quiet to maintain peace and unity among ordinary Mthwakazi people.

4) Recommendations of Mthwakazi as a bleeding nation;
Since the Moment of Madness of Robert Mugabe, a number of commissions that includes the Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice in Zimbabwe, none of them has recommended the redress of the Gukurahundi of atrocities. Thanks to the soldier that opened fire on the unarmed demonstrators in Harare on the eve of the announcement of the winner of the Zimbabwe election. The acknowledgement by Kgalema Montlante that Mthwakazi was a bleeding wound that needs immediate attention was and is very positive to the Struggle as it puts enormous pressure on the Zimbabwe government to own up and redress the situation- a position that weakens Zimbabwe, yet adding to the justification of the Mthwakazi want out Agenda.

5) Emmerson Mnangagwa's sentiments during the opening of the Annual Zanu conference in Esigodini
The warnings to Zanu pf Congress delegates by their president that they must be worry of secessionists and be on guard at all times means that the Struggle for Mthwakazi has reached irreversible levels and cannot be ignored anymore. While it may seem if Mthwakazi formations are slowly but surely giving up by lack of tangible activities, pressure to set Mthwakazi free mounts each day, on Zimbabwe to set Mthwakazi free.

It is now very comparative that Mthwakazi moves forward with great speed and caution. The distance from where the Mthwakazi issue was ignited is much longer than where it is set to end.
1) There must be Understanding which MRI views as very different from Unity. Understanding in this instance means operating towards a single goal or purpose. It is now that Mthwakazi formations work harmoniously towards their Freedom. All formations need interactively to conclude this Struggle. There is no need for Unity because pluralism is Healthy in a democratic dispensation that Mthwakazi envisages. From Time to time Mthwakazi All Stakeholders Conferences are a must.

2) Mthwakazi has to jointly come up with National Policies that are based on core values of Mthwakazi people which are crucial in Mthwakazi Development Plan.

3) Supporting all newly set cultural offices
Whether King or Chief's offices, Mthwakazi must rally behind them as they are the ambassadors of Mthwakazi cause.

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Source - Mthwakazi Research Institute