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1893 MHRRM condemns Ndiweni's harrassment by Zanu PF government

by Thembani Dube, 1893 MHRRM Secretary for Information and Publicity
16 May 2019 at 06:54hrs | Views
We strongly condemn, unresevedly, the attempts made on Chief Nhlanhla Ndiweni's life by Zanu PF Hoodlums and rascals today.

Ndiweni has a sacrosant democratic right to air his opinions without any sanction from anyone. We defend his democratic right to freedom of speech and his right to freedom from unwarranted threats to his life and perpertual harrassment on an Matebele ethnic ticket by the regime.

A few weeks ago, we did eloquently put it out regarding Mnangagwa who was being touted as a listening President by some and our quote below sums it up!

"As Mnangagwa signals right, he takes a left turn with much gusto and devastating consequences. People must follow the events of the Harare shootings, then the Motlante Commission comes in, the fuel hikes demonstrations and shootings and rapes and then now he picks up a collection of Matebeleland Civic organizations to give hope to the international community that he is making progress. The next left turn he will be taking will be very devastating to many."

Source - 1893 MHRRM