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Zapu Presidency Refutes Speculations on the Leadership Storm and Factions

by Mkhululi Zulu - Zapu Presidential Spokesperson
11 Jun 2019 at 12:07hrs | Views
The Zapu Presidency wishes to categorically dismiss the so called looming leadership storm following the death of its President Dumiso Dabengwa. Whereas speculations are expected after the fall of any giant, the Zapu leadership remains solidly united. The Zapu Presidency chaired by Acting President Comrade Isaac Mabuka met on Monday to prepare  for 2 meetings, one of the National Executive Council and the other one  for the National People's Council on the 21st and 22nd of June respectively. The Presidency notes that the so called factions only exist in someone's imagination. Zapu structures are passionately seized with the mammoth task to double their efforts to fulfil what the Revolutionary Dumiso Dabengwa set out to do. No one in the Presidency has the luxury to mobilize for a faction during this time when the unity of purpose obviously supersedes everything.

When our late President got physically overtaken by illness, the party was already intact and that continues. This is against all odds, especially the vigorous attempts to shutout its voices. This was evident during the bereavement and the funeral of the late party President. Led by the State media and Zanu-PF, most speakers spoke about Comrade Dumiso Dabengwa but never about ZAPU that he led. The man gave it ALL throughout his life and it was in Zapu that he did so. The press report comes out now speculating about a leadership storm and some counterfeit factions after doing all it could to dismiss the party. The Presidency would therefore like to state clearly that the Acting President Comrade Isaac Mabuka and the Secretary General Doctor Strike Mnkandla are vehemently in one faction and that is the Zapu faction. This is what the nation at large and the Zapu members all over must know. Politics in a democracy is about debates and varying opinions, however, these do not by any means reflect an adherence to a faction within a party.

The Presidency also urges the people of the Midlands and the Matabeleland regions to attend meetings organised by the NPRC (National Peace and Reconciliation Commission) on the Gukurahundi genocide. Zapu was the physical and the political target of the Fifth Brigade. Zapu members must go and tell the truth as it happened. The attempts to hide the truth are evident as the Chairman of the Commission Judge Sello Nare has so far tried in vain to get the previous Commissions reports. It is therefore those who saw it as it occurred who must attend the meetings and give the accurate accounts.
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NPC sits in between Congresses will meet 21 june NPC 22nd

Source - Mkhululi Zulu Zapu Presidential Spokesperson