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President Mbeki right on electoral fraud based triumphalism

by MDC Communications
18 Jun 2019 at 15:25hrs | Views
Zanu PF's intention to spin remarks by President Mbeki are baseless and an act of desperation to find endorsement where none exists.

In essence President Mbeki recognises that a win which Mnangagwa claims to have obtained has failed to create sufficient consensus and
should therefore be cured by National dialogue. He also recognises that the reservations the MDC has in the ongoing dialogue must be
attended to.

More importantly the point of departure is that the basis of Dialogue is that there was Electoral fraud, triumphalism in which the "winner" takes
everything and runs towards the mountain will not work. It is therefore mischievous to have a couple of people gathering around a table and
agreeing that the election was credible and therefore there is no need to talk about it.

The current crisis is a reflection of election results which are not reflective of the people's will. President Mbeki makes that point quiet clearly.
His interview is an indictment on both the Judiciary and ZEC, a point we have always made.

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Source - MDC Communications