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Zanu PF Youth UK - Statement on the Anti-Corruption Campaign

by Farai Muvuti
25 Jun 2019 at 06:36hrs | Views
To all Zanu PF Youth League UK/Europe members

Ref: Statement on the Anti-Corruption Campaign

The Zanu PF Youth League of the United Kingdom/Europe district stands in solidarity with our Executive as lead by Cde Togarapi Pupurai and Cde Lewis Matutu together with their entire Executive Team on the recently launched Anti-Corruption Campaign.

We stand proudly with our leadership on the demonstration of courage that was nostalgic of the ground-breaking spirit that helped craft and defend the letter and spirit of what we now term our Party's constitution/Gwara Remusangano. Today we witness the resurgence of fortitude amongst our membership as a direct consequence of a Youth league leadership that has chosen to lead from the front, evoking the ancestral awakening of our forbearers whose hands shaped the very foundation of the revolutionary building they spoke from.

As the Youth League UK/Europe district we pledge our utmost support towards a corruption free society. It is equally our deepest conviction that the Youth League is the introspective impulse of the Party as custodians of the rich heritage of our national liberation struggle and the founding ethos thereof. Hence why it appears history has adorned us with a time such as this to which the pre-eminence of courage is demonstrated by this time a group of intergenerational comrades whose instinct is to finish the nationalist project without a clamour of fear or a sense of opportunism.

Therefore, we applaud this stance and hope that all the proposed recommendations are promptly acted upon with a sense of urgency as we deem this as not only a crystallising moment for our national reform agenda but a clear portrayal of why our tag line which is "The Peoples Party". In conclusion, we borrow from Franklin D. Roosevelt by saying "Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself".

Zanu PF Youth League UK/Europe The Youth League Executive Team of the United Kingdom/Europe

Chairman    Cde Farai Muvuti
Vice Chairman    CDE Rocafella Zimba
Acting Secretary of Administration CDE Ken Patrick Mpame
Secretary of Finance CDE Tangunda Mangere
Political Commissariat CDE Munyaradzi Mangwana

Kind Regards    

Cde Farai Muvuti

Source - Farai Muvuti