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Tajamuka promises to strike again

by Promise Mkwananzi
06 Jul 2019 at 19:30hrs | Views
This statement comes at a time when we have tested our government`s open door policy by submitting a petition demanding that government urgently attends to the political crisis and the economic plight of our people. Both the legislature and the executive ignored, refused and or neglected to respond, serve for a rally overture by the President in Chipinge where he ridiculed our cries.

We are concerned that under the Mnangagwa government the people of Zimbabwe are literally not allowed to conduct peaceful demonstrations, yet this is a right enshrined in the constitution. We called for people to stay at home as a way to prevent live shooting of civilians by the military which we have witnessed in the last two instances where people sought to conduct peaceful demonstrations. Vana kana vachema nzara havarohwi neshamhu nyoro inemunyu Murahwi, vanopihwa sadza nehusavi wakanaka nemvura yekumwa yakachena.

In the foregoing, we have taken stock of and reflected on the events following the petition. We note that our greatest undoing was a lack of unity of purpose and decisive action as citizens. We are accordingly extending our ultimatum to a later date. In the meantime, we are going to intensively and extensively engage all the progressive stakeholders including the labour movement, opposition parties, the students unions, vendors, youths, women, diaspora and the generality of the populace with a view towards a more concerted, organised and effective peaceful action. We have absolutely no doubt in our minds that the people of Zimbabwe embrace the call for the national shutdown and continue to support organised, effective and peaceful action aimed at applying pressure on the government to attend to the issues highlighted in the petition.

In conclusion, we reiterate and reaffirm our unrelenting commitment to peaceful action. We did not and we have not failed. We will not fail. Our petition stands. Our demands stand. We are only extending the ultimatum to a later date while we correct and fix all the mistakes made in the run up to the 1st of July 2019 national shutdown. We pray for peace and unity of purpose in our country as we fight for a brighter future and a better life for all our people.

Victory is certain!
Aluta Contiua!

Source - Promise Mkwananzi

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