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Mnangagwa must say why UMthwakwzi must not opt out - MLF

by MLF
13 Aug 2019 at 17:45hrs | Views
If Zimbabwe is a Unitary State why mention it time and again? This is a big question Mnangagwa must answer. All unitary States the world over do not mention it. Mnangagwa is doing so to try and force a situation that is not possible. Zimbabweans have failed to live peacefully with each other.

For the record and for young generations that do not know, it is the Shona who started the tribal problem. They were cheated by the West to break away from the true Nationalists  way back in 1962. Efforts were made in Zambia, Tanzania, inZimbabwe(more than one can remember) The same Mnangagwa led ZANU members of Parliament in denouncing His Excellency Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo when he warned against tribal division in the "country". In more than 10 occasions, the same laughed and made fun of unity initiatives by Dr Nkomo.

What is new today? Is Zimbabwe new or Mnangagwa new or his thinking new?
President Mnangagwa must know very well that some of us know all he said and did during the day and night from the day he declared  UMthwakwzi an enemy. We know about all ZANU Central Committee meetings where all evil was planned about UMthwakwzi.

One is forced here and now to ask Mnangagwa about their development plan for UMthwakwzi. When does he see a UMthwakazi President in Zimbabwe? When does he envisage Bulawayo as the Capital of Zimbabwe? Does he ever imagine  IsiNdebele, IsiKhalang, IsiTonga, IsiVenda being spoken day in and day out in Harare, news starting in IsiNdebele and the Ndebele language spoken by all Police, army and in Parliament.

When all these have a yes, tomorrow, then Zimbabwe is a Unitary State. Lastly, you need to go back to the days of the so called Constitution making process, MLF and all UMthwakazi Organisations opted out of the Zimbabwe set up but as afore concluded, you ignored our input. This was done without any honesty only to enjoy enslaving UMthwakazi.

MLF message to you and your Government and all in the binary Zimbabwe is that; Give us our UMthwakwzi and we live in peace as neighbours or Deny us our Right and Heritage then you  be on your toes every single day you rule over us. It was only Joshua Nkomo that God had given you to rule us with but you threw him out of the window in shame.

We are definitely separating from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is TWO IN ONE!!!!


Source - MLF