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MLF mourns the loss of Mr J.B.Silonda - MLF

by MLF
31 Aug 2019 at 09:11hrs | Views
MLF convey condolences to the family, friends relatives and the Mthwakazi nation on the untimely passing on of our dear freedom fighter. Mr Silonda passes on at a very bad time in our history as Mthwakazi nation. He passes on at a time when our en slavers and tormentors are on the high in night adaptions severe body torture.The enemy is more daring than ever before.

Ubaba worked tirelessly to disclose the barbaric massacre of our people when ZANU and Zimbabwe tried to suffocate Umkhonto by killing willy-nilly any Mthwakazi citizen. Mthwakazi's persecutors have demonstrated beyond any doubt that Mthwakazi is under the Rule by Conquest to this day. Mthwakazi Paramount Chief and cultural representative, His Highness Chief N.Ndiweni, Former Vice President Phelekezela Mpoko, Thabitha Khumalo etc have been accused by oppressor of one crime or another.

All this is to remind Mthwakazi of their place in the Colonial Zimbabwe set up.

May God Almighty the Spirit of Mthwakazi conserve his Sprit.

Source - MLF