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Free Zimbabwe Global protest targets countries arming Mugabe

by Den Moyo
16 Jul 2012 at 08:28hrs | Views
"Please be advised that the 21st Movement Free Zimbabwe Global Protest this Saturday will target countries that are arming the Mugabe regime which has a record of violence during elections and is on an international arms embargo," said the pressure group.

The 2008 harmonised election in Zimbabwe was a blood bath due to the arms of war used by the regime against innocent civilians. As we work towards the next Zimbabwean elections in 2013 there is need for a peaceful environment to prevail so that Zimbabwean can vote without fear of the army, the CIO and the police, the known perpetrators of violence in the 2008 election.

The efforts being made by some known counties to further arm the Mugabe regime is a worrying development that should not be allowed to prevail.

The 21st Movement is an international movement of Zimbabweans from all walks of life who are dedicated to lobbying the international community to take note of the deceitful regime in Harare which claims to be implementing a roadmap to peace, yet elements in the government are preparing for war. This month's protest aims to stop the arms proliferation to the strife-torn nation.

The 21st Movement is demanding that: the United Nations adopts the international arms embargo on Zimbabwe that has already been subscribed to by the EU and the US; that Russia and China show that they do not support dictators violating human rights, by not selling arms to Zimbabwe; and that Brazil stops selling to the regime teargas, which is the most direct weapon used against human rights and political activists.

Recent credible reports indicate that the Mugabe regime has agreed to mortgage the nation's platinum deposits to the Russians in exchange of helicopter gunships, which we do not need as we are not at war with any country. The helicopters will be unserviceable in a few years while Russians will continue exploiting our platinum for years to come.  

On the 21st of July petitions under the theme "United Nations √ɬ¢√¢‚Äö¬¨" No Weapons of War to Zimbabwe" will be delivered to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon targeting the UN Arms Trade Treaty Conference taking place in New York, and to all UN Offices worldwide while demonstrations will be held at Russian Embassies the world over.  

The UN Headquarters demonstrators in New York will gather at 405 East 42nd Street NY near the UN Headquarters.  In London the demonstrators will meet at the Zimbabwean Embassy, 429 The Strand which is the usual venue of the Vigil Protest.

David Kadzutu, the MDC UK South West District organizing secretary, said, after a briefing at the Vigil the demonstrators would go to the Russian Embassy where they will present their petition.  "We should not be shy to do what we know is good for our country," he said.

On record there are three countries currently known to trade weapons of war with Zimbabwe, namely, China (Firearms, ammunition, rocket launchers, grenades), Russia (Military Helicopters) and Brazil (Teargas canisters). These weapons are being purchased to wage a war against the country's citizens as we move towards the next general elections expected in 2013.

We believe stolen revenue from diamonds and other minerals is used to purchase these unnecessary weapons at a time when Zimbabwe has huge national debts to the World Bank, IMF, and the ADB, and a crumbling economy. The Health Services, Education, Water and Sanitation sectors are in shambles leading to outbreaks of chronic diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Russia and China have been at the forefront of propping up the dictatorial Mugabe regime and protecting it from scrutiny by the UN Security Council, just as they have blocked resolutions to condemn the violence that the Assad Regime is perpetrating on its own people in Syria.

In August the 21st Movement will target Mozambican Embassies to deliver a message to President Armando Guebuza, who will assume the SADC Chairmanship that month, that he must not reverse gains on Zimbabwe attained at the SADC Luanda Summit in Angola.

And in September Mugabe is expected to visit New York for the UN General Assembly; the world must be reminded of his tyrannical rule.

We are keeping up the pressure and we know that the dictator is feeling it, whether he acknowledges or not.

Source - 21st movement