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MRP Officials confront Magwegwe Police over misspelt station name

by MRP
18 Nov 2020 at 13:07hrs | Views
This morning, Mthwakazi Republic Party officials comprising mainly youths, descended on Magwegwe Police Station over a banner with a wrongly spelt name of one of the prominent Ndebele chiefs "Magwegwe".  The Shonas had, instead, written  "Magwegewe".

When confronted by MRP officials who had been angered by this move, the  Member in charge of Magwegwe Police station could not help but apologised for the blunder, admitting that the banner  had been written by a Shona person.

The banner has since been corrected.  We are grateful to the people's revolutionary party for standing resolute to confront these evil elements who deliberately distort everything that is Mthwakazi.

As MRP we do not take take this matter lightly, knowing that Magwegwe, the person whose name had been wrongly written, was one of the great Chiefs under the Kingdom of Lobhengula, whose reviving the government is blocking.  We feel that the misspelling was deliberate, as has been the case with many of our personal details on important documents. This further goes on to show that the entire Magwegwe Police station is manned by Shona speaking Police with  no Ndebele Police officers.  If there are any,  they are powerless, not recognised as the Member in Charge is of Shona origin. The 1979 Grand plan is indeed at work, being implemented to the dot. The intention is to distort our language and finally bury it.

This is part of the reason MRP is here: to redress all the ills committed by the Shona government in Mthwakazi.  We will leave no stone unturned as we intensify our struggle for self determination.

The firebrand Party officials compromised of Partone Xaba National Organizer, Welcome Moyo National security Secretary for Youths, Calvin Wiseman Dissident Dube the deputy National Youth Chairman,  Lwazi Khanye , Youth member, Muzi Mlotshwa, Nkosikhona Dube, and Zibusiso Mkhwanazi.

MRP For Peace and Justice in Our Lifetime.

Sisonke Sibambene Sesikulungisa.

MRP Bulawayo Province Youth Information Department.

Source - MRP

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