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ZAPU statement on NPRC's purported research program on conflict in Zimbabwe

by Iphithule Maphosa
13 Dec 2020 at 08:34hrs | Views
Following their recently rolled out program on the so called research on pre colonial, colonial and post colonial conflict periods, and also following ZAPU and NPRC meeting in Bulawayo on 11 December 2020, we wish to emphasise on the following points as communicated to the commission;

1. It is insincere, insensitive and insulting of the Zimbabwean government, through the NPRC to conduct a research on matters of rights violations which they and the public are well aware of due to different roles each played in committing them and experiencing them.

2. We note and condemn the mischief by the Zimbabwean government which, and deliberately so, has bundled unverified folk tales of pre colonial era with rights violations of post colonial and post independence era.

3. We reiterate that what the Zimbabwean government refers to as "conflict" is actually human and citizens rights violations by the state on its people. These are monumental crimes against humanity and must be therefore treated not as conflict but as  crimes.

4. The NPRC in its entirety is compromised and therefore has absolutely no capacity to lead the resolutions of numerous crimes against humanity that were committed by their appointing authority, the Zimbabwean government. These include the 1980s genocide on ZAPU initially and Matebeleland in result, successive waves of electoral violence since 1980, economic crimes that led to collapse of the national economy, Murambatsvina, sustained state sponsored abductions, torture and disappearances of citizens and the recent shooting of unarmed protestors post 2018 elections.

5. With specific reference to the ZAPU and Matebeleland genocide of the 1980s, ZAPU is adamant that neither is the Zimbabwean government  nor their appointed apologists and enablers  posing as the NPRC can lead and resolve the genocidal crime. For starters, the composition of the commission itself is an insult to the victims, for it consists only of known ZANU PF members and by extension, only perpetrators of the genocidal crime. It is more insulting that the Zimbabwean government, after committing a genocide of Gukurahundi proportions, turns around and self appoints as leader in its research and also in its resolution.

6. ZAPU again demands the unconditional release and publishing of reports of all commissions that investigated the ZAPU and Matebeleland genocide of the 1980s. These include Chihambakwe and Dumbutshena reports. The release of these will mark the very first step in resolving the genocidal crime and also open an honest dialogue and truth tekling around the matter. The mother party also reminds the government that taxpayers money funded those two commission investigations and as such, the state is obliged to release to the funders the results of the investigations.

7. ZAPU demands the state cedes to it the process of resolving the genocide since we were the targeted victims. We refuse to watch the perpetrating Zimbabwean government of ZANU PF pacifying the victims with piecemeal resolution initiatives that are only meant to prolong the process and ultimately denying them justice, healing and peace. ZAPU, as believers in justice, will expeditiously undertake processes to resolve the genocide and deliver the long awaited justice to whoever must receive it.

8. Bundling together of what the government has termed pre and post colonial conflicts with its rights violations is a mischievous act to evade accountability for those crimes. The Zimbabwean government has no capacity as well as the sincerity to resolve those matters as well as the crimes it committed against its people.

9. We, therefore, dismiss with the contempt it deserves, the process of the NPRC. We in the same vein, register our disapproval of the NPRC, which we do not recognise for the specific reason that it is composed entirely of compromised members who report directly to perpetrators of those  crimes they supposedly are investigating.

10. ZAPU once again draws the attention of the perpetrating Zimbabwean government to its  position regarding the 1980s genocide and demands audience with the perpetrators. We refuse to be bundled together with other so called political parties, most if not all were never a target, victim or even experienced the crime. The most unfortunate part of this dubious involvement of the so called other political parties is that none existed during the genocide, through the forced unity accord until recently when the pact was in its final stages of collapse leading to the eventual pullout by ZAPU in 2009.

11. In line with our position on the resolution of the genocide, ZAPU demands an honest and genuine process that begins with official acknowledgement  of the crime, truth telling, justice, reparations, descent reburials as well as memorisation, documentation, healing and rehabilitation. A deliberate affirmative action must be implemented in the Matebeleland and Midlands region so that the victims catch up with the rest of the country on economic and social development.

Iphithule Maphosa
ZAPU Secretary for Information Publicity and Marketing

Source - Iphithule Maphosa
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