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Man of God Appeals to Politicians to put more effort on monitoring Domestic Violence

by Fanuel Chinowaita
20 Dec 2020 at 22:45hrs | Views
South Africa based Man of the God from Zimbabwe Bishop Magidi appeals to politicians to deal well with abuse of women while delivering congregates at his ministry in Kabokweni, Mpumalanga South Africa today.

He said about women abuses in the houses when he was delivering one of the congregates from a demonic of anger which he said is because of domestic violence.

"May those in politics please take the issue of women abuses seriously.  Women are abused in their homes by their husbands and are not reporting.

"This is the reason why so many marriages are not stable. Most women are affected emotionally, physically and even spritual.

"These abuses cause heart failures, miscarriages, anger and even demons", said Magidi.

The man of God also added that when women are abused, the devil also get the opportunity to use them and they end up doing unGodly actions.

Meanwhile, Bishop Magidi appeals to politicians to take the issue of domestic violence issue seriously and try to put measures to stop it.

He said, "When someone is very angry, the devil has great opportunity to use him or her.

"An abused women will end up doing some decisions which may affect their relationships.

"The politicians should take great measures to monitor domestic violence."

Bishop Magidi is the founder of  Oasis fellowship Church which is Kabokweni, Mpumalanga South Africa and Director of Oasis College.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita