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Matemadanda Demotion Cosmetic, A face saving Stunt: MDC VAA

by Dr Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda
30 Mar 2021 at 16:14hrs | Views
The demotion of ZANU PF stalwart and subsequent dismissal of Victor Matemadanda as the ZANU PF Political Commissar  is a publicity stunt and face saving Stunt by ZANU PF for his Sunday exposé in Mashonaland East where he exposed zanu PF's deliberate and well coordinated plot to decimate the MDC Alliance in a brazen attempt to further subvert the people's will and create a one party state.

Matemadanda as the Party's Political Commissar is well versed on his party's covert and overt plans to decimate their only threat and genuine opposition hence his remarks at the Mashonaland East PCC meeting.

We view Matemadanda's remarks as not only confirming ZANU PF's harsh treatment of real opposition parties who demand for checks and balances from it but also as a violation of the national Constitution and a threat to democracy.

Matemadanda overwhelmed with excitement of finally getting a chance to destroy ZANU PF's rival exposed ZANU PF's strategy as 2023 beckons.It is not the first time that a top ZANU PF official has blattered out shocking Revelations of a plot to destroy the MDC Alliance;the ZANU PF President's "shamhu ino munyu" mantra was crafted in that manner.The gyrating rhumba musician and former Deputy Minister of Information Energy Mutodi was also "demoted" for the same shenanigans.

Our intelligence sources have revealed that ZANU has not demoted him but is set to reassign Matemadanda as a fire fighting measure.

It is not surprising when ZANU PF paraded a few touts they allegedly claimed where MDC Alliance members who had defected.It is so desperate to the extent of printing fake MDC Alliance cards and T-shirts to paint a narrative of a fizzling party as claimed by Matemadanda.

As peaceful citizens and veterans of the poor People's struggle we view the alleged Dismissal, demotion, Reassignment or whatever term they would like to use as cosmetic, fire fighting and a publicity stunt to mislead the local and international community to paint a narrative of a Reformist ZANU PF yet it is  championing the demise of a legitimate opposition party and The Government in waiting.The "Second Republic" is working ultra vires the ethos of the liberation struggle which they claim so much to be protecting and is now acting like the Reincarnation of Ian Douglas Smith by the day.

We therefore condemn the brazen attempt to create a one party state by the Regime by meddling in opposition politics and the shutting out of Democratic space and the selective application of the law with the utmost contempt it deserves.

Just as Matemadanda declared that they(the looters) will not hand over Zimbabwe to MDC Alliance; in that same vein we will not let our freedoms and liberties be eroded at the whims of a kleptocratic Regime.

We reiterate that any unjust law is no law at all and it attracts the ire of all Rationale citizens.It is the duty of all patriotic citizens to demand for accountability from the Government.It is not a crime to wish for a better Zimbabwe where the people lead the gun and not vice versa.







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Source - Dr Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda