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Inhlokomo YeSizwe takes to the streets

by Bokani Mlindelwa
03 Apr 2021 at 10:58hrs | Views
A newly formed pressure group has hit the ground running literally speaking. Inhlokomo YeSizwe will be joining the Solidarity March on 8th of this month as roads lead to the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria. They will join other political movements and civic bodies to show solidarity with like-minded organisations as they register their concerns about the blatant violation of human rights and lack of rule of law in Zimbabwe.

Inhlokomo YeSizwe is an action-orientated mass movement set up to fight discrimination in all its forms as engineered by consecutive Zanu-pf governments. The time has come for direct confrontation with the Zanu-PF cabal and demand the rights of our people to participate freely in political, cultural and economic activities. Inhlokomo YeSizwe says no to tribal domination, no marginalisation of our regions, no to abuse of human rights, no to abuse of office and no corruption. Inhlokomo will challenge those who abuse state power and will fight for the return of rule of law.

It starts by defending our local areas and protecting the rights of our people as full citizens of this country we liberated with our own hands. We will defend our heritage including the land in our rural and urban enclaves. As Inhlokomo YeSizwe we will fight for our youths to have a fair share of educational and employment opportunities in our regions. We will fight for the rights of the working age population and for the rights of those in the pensionable age. In a nutshell, we are here for our people. If Zanu-PF tyrants thought they had defeated us for good, then they certainly have another think coming.

That is why Inhlokomo YeSizwe is attending the Solidarity March on the 8th of April in Pretoria. We are sending a strong delegation that will be captained by Victor Vodloza and Cannicious Nkala on this mission. They will be accompanied by leaders from various levels of the organisation. Mkandla, Jubane and Ngonyama will boost the travelling delegation while Dube, Vundla, Mntungwa and yours truly will be providing logistical support for the Inhlokoma YeSizwe team.

We hope to see you all there on the day. Yasuka Yahlala!

BMV-Inhlokomo YeSizwe Information Desk
Lento oyenzayo siyayizonda
Contact No. Vodloza 0641773920, Nkala 0788439548 and Mkandla 612266344

Source - Bokani Mlindelwa