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ARTUZ concerned by Zanu PF victimization of teachers in Wedza district

17 May 2021 at 14:12hrs | Views
The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe has received disturbing reports of teacher victimization in Wedza District by an identified ruling party( Zanu Pf) official, one individual named Kahonde who has been on a terror campaign of moving around schools forcing teachers to form Zanu Pf cells and threatening them with unspecified action. This is a disturbing trend whilst not a new phenomenon under Zanu Pf iron fisted rule of coercion and threats, it is now worrying how such cases of teachers being forced to toe the Zanu line are increasing especially as the country heads towards the 2023 polls and grim memories of 2008 are conjured by this kind of reckless behavior.

Teachers are not political pawns meant for political subterfuge by those in power, ARTUZ condemns in the strongest terms possible the forcing of teachers to partake in the political activities of political parties, the role of teachers in societies is that of educators not political. Zanu Pf has constantly abused the school system to maintain their grip hold on power and with reference to past scenarios, ARTUZ is worried that this situation will further degenerate into chaos and violence as witnessed in the past were teachers have been abducted, tortured or even killed for failing to support the ruling party's programs.

ARTUZ calls upon the Zimbabwe Republic Police to launch an immediate investigation on the Wedza victimization of teachers and use every available resource at their disposal within the framework of the law to stop such a direct attack on the constitution of Zimbabwe and the teaching profession. ARTUZ is keeping a keen eye on these proceedings and will not hesitate to name and shame the perpetrators of such actions.

Source - ARTUZ

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