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Zimfirst is founded on the philosophy of Pan Africanism.

by The President of Zimbabwe People First
27 May 2021 at 04:57hrs | Views
Pan Africanism is the philosophy which dictate that people of African descend should have common interest and are unified. Judging by the political records of the leading ZANU PF regime, Zimbabwe is yet to achieve Pan Africanism in the sense that, ZANU PF is a separatist party, which promotes divisions alongside tribalist lines.

Gukurahundi was spearheaded by ZANU PF, in a bid to further perpertuate the division which the former colonisers, that is Britain had created between the Ndebele and the Shona people. There is an absolute truth that despite everything that ZANU PF does, the people of Zimbabwe are essentially one people, and must be associated as such.

ZANU PF is surviving on borrowed time. It plays people into tribalist divisions because it know so too well that when the people are united they can achieve anything they want, including the removal of ZANU PF which is the prime culprit in the deteriorating living conditions of the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Henceforth, ZANU PF is effectively employing the divide and rule tactics, to keep the masses divided, to ensure that the people do not congrugate to create forces of change, that can dismantles their grip on power.

Recently, the supposedly Second Republic  President, Mr E.D. Mnangagwa purchased vehicles for 270 chiefs whilst a number of hospitals  and clinics do not have a functional ambulance. This is a cardinal sin by a party which is said to having been elected in power by the people it is neglecting.

People are struggling economically, they struggle to get basic commodities and they struggle to access essential services like health which are critical to their well being. Zimbabwe is experiencing poor health medical care, poor infrastructure but the government is busy cartering for the minority with emphasis to the chiefs who are yet receiving a second batch of top notch vehicles, when they only received another batch in 2018.

ZANU PF purporting to being a revolutionary party and socialist, we expect to see it putting the interest of the citizens first. Sorry for the disappointment, that party have long been hijacked by mafia and gangsters who have captured the nation. They are holding the nation at ransom.

Zimfirst is an alternative party which is there to carter for all the needs of the citizens of Zimbabwe. The name itself Zimbabwe People First (Zimfirst) says that we are for the people.

Our manifesto protect workers, the disabled, the minorities, gender and any person in any race Creed, conscience or political affiliation. We are a unitary party which seeks to unit all the people of Zimbabwe. This seriously lacks in ZANU PF, which only allow one trophy or honorary Vice President to have background from Matebeleland.

The fundamentals of freedom of expression are protected by Zimfirst constitution and manifesto, thus, we are in line with pan Africanism prescripts.

We put the people of Zimbabwe first ahead of regional obligations and we are against tribalism. Zimfirst promotes free education from primary to secondary level, return of grants and stipends, creation of employment opportunities, unemployment benefits, support for agriculture, mining, and small medium enterprises (SME). The list goes on we are equipped for it all. Just do your part by voting Zimfirst and it's President Dr. M.Z. Shumba Rusike.

Together we shall prevail. Together we will build Zimbabwe Brick by Brick. Nyika Vanhu, Vanhu Ndiyo Nyika, Country First, Zimbabwe First✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

Zimbabwe People First


Source - The President of Zimbabwe People First