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Zimfirst statements on government economic policy inconsistency

by Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba Rusike - ZIMFIRST President
27 May 2021 at 05:00hrs | Views
Zimfirst is the right choice and a visionary party set to assume command of government. You can trust Zimfirst as we know what has to be done and the challenges that lay ahead. Most of Zimbabweans problems emanates mainly from corruption and economic policy inconsistency. When the country's economic policies are inconsistent investors get reluctant to invest in a nation. Zimbabwe needs to rebuild trust thus securing continuous Foreign Direct Investment( FDI).

Paramount to the development of Zimbabwe is the correct usage of mineral reserves, overhaul of the energy sector, infrastructural development and education. All of the above named are of imperative importance, however, today let us have a look at FDI.

When President Mnangagwa assumed office in 2017, he stated that "Zimbabwe was Open for Business". Conditions on the ground do not correspond with such an assertion. It is truthful to assert that, "Zimbabwe is Closed for business", judging by the prevalent socio-economic reality in Zimbabwe. The President admittedly tried to reposition Zimbabwe out of the pariah state and it's isolation in the global economy. He made numerous escapedes to various countries mainly in Eastern block such as Russia, Belarus ecetra. However, ZANU PF did not manage to change their identity or the preception of those who they intended to help Zimbabwe out of the economic bad patch it is presently in. Recently some media platforms has even claimed that ZANU PF drive to re admit Zimbabwe into the global village has failed and they are now looking for solutions from within. The effort is recommendable but the government seem not to know an important aspect which is disabling economic development, that is policy inconsistency.

To appease the people of Zimbabwe ZANU PF helped the enactment of laws which were scaring off investors. Chief amongst them was the Indegenisation Economic Empowerment Act. This act directed that the indegenous community  benefit the lion's share of 51 percent, whilst the investors only retained a paltry 49 percent on investment. This policy was not going well with foreign investment since all that the indigenous communities would have provided was land, whilst the investors bought in technology, capital and any other necessities to kickstart production. Looking at it objectively this act was really not fair on the part of foreign investors.

The Act was enacted to appease the citizens. ZANU PF is a socialist party and has been following socialist ideas since it's formation. However, in the great majority of countries which followed socialist policies very few succeeded. Ujama in Tanzania, under Kwame Nkrumah was complete failure. We cannot in this day and age follow policies that have proven to be a failure world wide. Perhaps important to mention is that in the countries following socialist policies it is not only socialism on it's own by a heavy dose of capitalism as well. China is one very good example of a country which blends socialism and capitalism. If we must emulate other nations we need to copy well thereby increasing our odds of success.

After so much time wasted ZANU PF is now backtracking on their policies by amending the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act. Imagine what we could have accomplished as a nation if we were never following such myopic and self serving policies? ZANU PF was doing it only for gaining support knowing that such laws are detrimental to Zimbabwean economy.

We as Zimfirst do not tolerate economic policy inconsistencies. We have leadership who knows what they want to accomplish on behalf of the citizens of Zimbabwe. Zimfirst is here to serve your interests and we shall serve to your pleasure. Zimfirst's President Maxwell Zeb Shumba is a visionary who wants Zimbabwe to grow economically to it's full potential. Instead of enacting laws which scare off investment we are going to attract investment like a magnet does metals. We shall not only create employment opportunities through privatization but also guarding and protecting our indigenous workforce from exploitation by the said foreign investors.

You have the power to charter a radical change in the economic development of Zimbabwe by voting the President of Zimfirst, Our darling of the Nation, Honourable Dr Maxwell Zeb Shumba Rusike and all the other Zimfirst  Party candidates we field in your Province and Constituency. You can trust them to make the right choices on your behalf. Be rest assured because the candidates we field are technocrats who are highly skilled. The time of promoting mediocracy is ending with ZANU PF. The time of enacting self serving policies which largely destructs the economy of Zimbabwe is also coming to an end when you vote Zimfirst.

Register to vote today and witness the transformation of Zimbabwe into a once again food busket of Africa. Zimbabwe was great and it can still be great again.  Zimfirst do hereby state that , "Zimbabwe can become Great Again." Your X counts.

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Source - The President of Zimbabwe People First