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ZAPU learns with sadness the passing of founding President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia

by Iphithule Maphosa
18 Jun 2021 at 13:43hrs | Views
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Affectionately known to us as Dr KK, President Kaunda is the doyen of Africa's liberation and search for freedom.

At the time Zambia's freedom was at its infancy, President Kaunda sacrificed his people and their development by opening up Zambia to Southern African countries that were still fighting for independence.

Liberation movements from across the region found home  and refuge in Zambia from where they carried out their struggle activities and launched operations in their respective countries.

Besides hosting these countries, Zambia, under President Kaunda provided diplomatic and political support to liberation movements.

Zimbabwe is one such example of recipients of Dr KK's generosity, love and care, all in utmost humility. ZAPU got all the necessary support from Zambia to wage a successful struggle for independence in Zimbabwe, without which the 1980 feat would not have been possible.

President Kaunda is an unparalleled liberator of Africa and his service to its people is unmatched. Remaining humble even out of power, it is a pity he has not been accorded the attention deserving of the father of African freedom and liberation. He even went through persecution from imperialist stooge elements in his country but still remained humble and committed to love his people, a rare leadership quality he possessed till the end.

May the family of President Kaunda, Zambian family, Zimbabwean family, southern Africa, Africa the continent and all progressive world citizens be consoled as we together mourn the passing of the most illustrious son of the soil. May the revolutionary spirit of Dr KK rest in peace.

Iphithule Maphosa
Department of Information Publicity and Marketing

Source - Iphithule Maphosa