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League of Patriots to launch Kick out sanctions campaign

by Itai Gumbo
08 Oct 2021 at 11:38hrs | Views
Sanctions are hurting the people of Zimbabwe and the economy of Zimbabwe. Sanctions have stifled economic growth and recovery.

Sanctions have cost Zimbabwe an estimated US$42 billion in revenue in the last 18 years due to sanctions imposed by the US.

Kick Out Sanctions is a global campaign initiated by the League of Patriots to lobby for the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The Campaign will seek nonviolent forms of protests against the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act ZDERA

Kick Out Sanctions will seek to lobby for the removal of sanctions through

1. Kick Out Sanctions Football tournament MDC Vs ZANU PF football teams to demonstrate political tolerance and maturity in an independent and democratic Zimbabwe

b. ZANU PF youth vs US embassy staff in a football match to demonstrate that Zimbabwe and ZANU PF value people to people relations and international reengagement

2. Kick Out Sanction Twitter campaign - the campaign will seek to tweet 1 million tweets calling for the removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe. The campaign will seek to lobby international and influencers to support the campaign and get the State Department and Congress to respond and take appropriate action towards the removal of ZDERA.

3. Kick Out Sanctions whirlwind tour: the tour will seek to deliver a petition to the US Congress, the British parliament, the European Parliament, and Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England. The petition will have video testimonials, pictures among other pieces of evidence to prove that Zimbabweans are suffering and Zimbabweans demand the removal of sanctions.

Project partners
Kick Out Sanctions is inviting well-meaning democratic and peace-loving Zimbabweans to participate and support the program towards the removal of sanctions.

Source - Itai Gumbo